Independent Nation for India's 300 Million Untouchable People

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Independent Nation for India's 300 Million Untouchable People
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As per Congressman Trent Franks House Concurrent Resolution 139, WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Direct New Delhi Regime To Create An Independent Nation For 300 Million India's Untouchable People.

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I'm a Wall Street Investment Banker. 
I'll give $300 million for creating an Independent Nation for India's Untouchable People as per  in 1932.
Category: Human Rights
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  • Alex S. 2013-08-28 23:10:09 +0530
    This is a very good idea. First of all it would help remove the reservation system saying that certain section of the society is underprivileged. Secondly with an Independent nation and with their own unbiased governance, the Dalits can prove their abilities on their own. This would help both upper caste people as well as Dalits. We should send all Dalits from India to Bihar and give independence to that BIMARU state.
  • dharmashil k. 2013-05-06 11:12:08 +0530
    To such unequal corrupt India I cant say my country