Save Bird Sanctuary from becoming a garbage dumping ground by PMC

To: Dnyaneshwar Molak, PMC deputy commissioner and Ashok Ghorpade, PMC Garbage Dept

Save Bird Sanctuary from becoming a garbage dumping ground by PMC
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Dear sir,
Please stop Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, located in Yerwada in Pune from becoming a garbage dumping ground by PMC. As it is one of the lone bird Sanctuary in Pune and is in a state of neglect and infested with vagrants.

Why is this important?

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is one of the lone and Oldest bird sanctuary in Pune. And the 20-acre park is been used as a dumping ground for garbage from Sangamwadi by the Pune Muncipal Corporation (PMC). Signs declare it to be under PMC maintenance, but no workforce has been allocated for maintenance and security, or for keeping records of birds sighted in the sanctuary. It is apalling that not only our authorities ignoring maintenance of the sanctuary, but are contributing to the conamination and pollution as well. It is impossible for citizens to visit and come away with pleasant memories.
It is becoming a destination for unscrupolous activities like Tree-cutting, dumping garbage and gambling, in addition to becoming a breeding ground for stray dogs, and emptying of sewage into the nearby mula-mutha rivers.
A drainage line that runs inside the sanctuary is broken and is the source of contaminated water pockets that become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, flees and sand flies.
Without any security systems, there are safety concerns, especially during early morning and late evening hours.
The sanctuary's pollution is leading to a dip in the number of birds visiting, besides the shallow water habitat bird species like shorebirds or waders, sandpipers, stilts, snipes and godwits used to flock to the sanctuary before contamination of the river water increased.
The sanctuary used to boast of a diversified habitat with shallow water reserves as also rock outcrops. However, disturbances to the environment have reduced bird sightings drastically in the last six months.

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  • Rose M. 2014-05-18 19:31:40 +0530
    Birds are found on trees which improve nature. So it is a disgrace what is happening!
  • Kavita G. 2014-05-07 11:26:20 +0530
    Birds are wherever we are. They are our companions. Birds are mediators between heaven and earth.
  • Romit S. 2014-05-02 11:28:03 +0530
    Please Bird Sanctuary and Wildlife cannot be turned into a Dump yard..No way !


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