• Save Holy Shivganga and Mansarovar Pond and several other ponds at Deoghar
    Baidyanathdham Deoghar is one of the holiest city of India which is situated In Jharkhand. Millions of people coming towards here round the year. Most of them took holy bath in Shivganga which is highly polluted. Three decades ago this pond had its own water inlet and drainage system which was interrupted due to population growth. However, lakhs of rupees spend by district govt. to keep it clean. But they lacked in maintenance either.However, Local Nagar nigam trying to keep it clean by its limited means but it seems not more than an eye wash. Shivganga and other adjoining ponds keeps underground water table alive in Deoghar City, Since, Deoghar has neither a river chain nor a canal or big dams in adjoining areas. Deoghar's Population is about 4 lakhs and floating population is about 40000 people every day in the City. We are lacking proper rain fall since 3 - 4 years, and this year will worsen our situation during forthcoming summer. If all ponds including our mother pond shivganga are not treated properly then we will face serious water problems within a month or so. Few Days ago,a public campaign organised by a local organisation www.jagodeoghar.org which was turned ultimately by a symbolic one day hunger strike at Shivganga ghat.But, Who Listens! Yours Sincerely Shwet B Jha
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  • Stop open burning
    It is degrading the environment through Air-pollution Releasing toxic chemical, dreadful elements into air and these plastics are eaten by several animals. the dust is flowing into residences nearby and spoiling the beauty of city.
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