• Introduce Anapana Meditation in Schools
    The most important asset of a nation are the citizens themselves. If the citizens are healthy, patriotic, honest, and sincere, the nation will progress at a much faster pace. For this reason, it is very essential to have moral education in schools and colleges. The educational institutes should not only provide technical education, but should also provide moral character building education. Education should help the students master their mind. If the students are bright, the future citizens and leaders of nation will automatically be effective, efficient and pure persons, bringing great happiness to mankind. Key idea is to realize dream of Vivekananda about "Character Building Education". A meditation technique, called Anapana Meditation, has been practiced by children above 8 years age, and has been observed to give great benefits here and now. Some benefits of Anapana Meditation in student life are: 1) Sharper memory 2) Increased concentration 3) Better decision making and Confidence 4) Peaceful and happy mind 5)Freedom from stress, fear, worry, anger 6) Better performance in studies, sports, and work 7) Better Health. People above 18 years can do Vipassana Meditation, which is the next step after Anapana Meditation and brings still better benefits. Refer http://www.children.dhamma.org/ and http://www.vridhamma.org/ for knowing more about Anapana and Meditation.
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  • Garbage disposal problems of Cities and towns in Tamil Nadu
    Well, imagine yourself living in a city full of garbage lying on the streets, imagine yourself travelling in the local bus sitting next to a person who keeps spitting on the road, doesn't your blood boil? Won't you feel disgusted? I have always been fascinated by the environment and it's beauty ever since I was a little boy. So when I look at my city and how dirty and unclean it is, it is very important for me to stand up and save it from the irresponsible people spoiling it's every inch. Not only that, it also causes so many health related problems. People suffer from so many issues related to dirty air, dirty water and dirty environment. The stagnated garbage not only smells but also attracts lots of unwanted insects like flies, mosquitoes which in turn cause so many diseases. This is why it's very important I save my city. Everything needs a start. Let this be it.
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  • Stop Destruction of River Sal in Goa! Builders, build responsibly! Beware of people's power!
    Your timely intervention is essentially important so as to prevent and or to stop the prospective mega-builders from further damaging our fragile environment through their mega-housing projects. To further allow mega-builders to irresponsibly pursue with the construction of residential flats is to blindly encourage the same to destroy our village environment as succinctly explained above. To coolly and blindly ignore the same is to invite socio-environmental disaster in the village, and the ensuing damage done will be beyond redemption, and that to our sorrow and much disappointment. It needs to be cautiously noted that the upcoming mega-housing project planned by the Raheja builders is to be located very close to the bank of the River Sal in Carmona, Salcette, Goa. Undoubtedly, any mega-housing project in the proximity of the river is definitely bound to disrupt the immediate environment and ecological balance, as well as adversely pollute and eventually destroy all aquatic life of river Sal. Subsequently, those nearby villagers depending upon a nominal fishing occupation for their sustenance are going to be economically badly affected. Even otherwise, river Sal and its immediate surroundings are definitely going to be disrupted as pointed out above and on this indisputable count alone the construction of mega-housing projects in our small village should be logically strongly opposed and or banned, once for all! At the cost of repeating, pollution of River Sal and the consequent environmental damage subsequent to the construction of Rahejas mega-housing project is inevitable. It needs to be kept in mind that the proposed Drainage/Sewage system of Rahejas project under consideration is technically inappropriate according to experts, and the Locals believe that the damage done to the "River Sal" and its surroundings will definitely affect the village life gravely and, perhaps, even beyond restoration to its original condition. Moreover, my village is currently facing acute water-shortage problems and also it is subjected to repeated power failures. And, if the proposed mega-housing project by the Rahejas is blindly allowed to materialize, then the ensuing increase in population in the village will not only just hamper the quality and quantity of our drinking water supply but also eventually destroy the environment and the river life through its pollution. A significant number of concerned people in my village and I have been fighting the battle against mega-builders and their evildoers for more than seven years, with the sole noble objective to save river Sal and sustain the environment in our village from being adversely damaged. Logically, to achieve this attainable goal, your unconditional help and valuable support by signing this petition is herein solicited with much gratitude! Time and again, we have approached the builders to bring to their attention as to how any mega-housing project close to the banks of River Sal would adversely affect the environment and the river Sal as well as discussed with them how the ensuing sewage/garbage problems could affect the village even if the same are attempted to be resolved in a more sustainable way; and, that the builders should not go ahead with any construction just to make much profit and build up their financial empire in Mumbai at the cost of sacrificing the village life by deliberately damaging the surrounding areas and their environment which have been well sustained by the locals for generations. Unfortunately for the villagers, the representative/s of the builders did not show any signs of concern and, instead, only replied "we will get it done, the way we want it", and for which purpose they have the money- and muscle-power to mobilize the support of vulnerable corrupt men when in power at the Village Panchayat level, and or more, at the Governmental level. Notwithstanding the firm determination of the builders to pursue their ignoble dream of getting richer and richer through their irresponsible plans to build mega-housing projects, we need to zealously pursue the noble goal of protecting our village, and saving it for our children and future generations. Friends and co-villagers, help me fight this battle and help ourselves keep this village safe and clean, and thereby let us set an example for other Goans as well to fight similar battles and keep Goa safe and sound, and preserve its scarce land and natural resources exclusively and rightly for the benefit of the native people of Goa and of our children and future generations. As such, kindly Sign, and also widely Share this Petition with others concerned, Online! Many Many Thanks for your concern, and for your unconditional support and prayers!
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  • Ban La Tomatina in Andhra Pradesh
    Wasting precious food must not be allowed to become part of our culture in India while there are millions of Indians that go hungry every day. We must stop the La Tomatina festival in Hyderabad. 2 years ago, Delhi and Karnataka banned such festivals due to public protests, why shouldn’t Andhra stand by our farmers and the hungry? Summary of concerns: - Huge wastage of edible tomatoes - The quantity of water that will be used to clean the mess - Possibility of molestation - Possibility of increase in tomato rates if such events are repeated beyond the existing high cost - Set back for any nutrition program in the state
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  • Withdraw Order Banning Cycles from 38 Kolkata Roads
    - Kolkata is the only metropolitan city in India where trips by cycle (11 per cent) outnumber trips by cars (8 per cent) - Traffic accident data for West Bengal (2011) shows only 1.5 per cent of road accidents happen due to fault of cyclists against 71 per cent due to faults of motor vehicle drivers Kolkata has the lowest number of private cars and the least amount of road space (6 per cent) among metro cities. Even smaller cities like Gwalior have more registered motor vehicles than Kolkata. Cycling is practical and popular with the masses - Cycles do not slow down vehicular traffic. Average speed of traffic in Kolkata varies between 14-18 km/ hour. The national average is 22 km/hour - With a population of over 14 million, urban agglomeration of Kolkata is among the most densely populated in the country. At least 7,750 people live in one sq km area. Cycling is a practical mode of transport in such areas
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  • NDTV dump Monsanto!
    NDTV has partnered with one of the the most unethical corporations and is misleading the people of India into thinking that this series is actually helping the public. Monsanto has recently got a lot of criticisms from around the world and are trying to clean up their public image, this being one of the tactic. - 90% of Genetically engineered (GE) seeds are made and owned by Monsanto. Many consumers are against GE food because it has been associated with health risks, loss of biodiversity, increased use of toxic weed killers (herbicides) and other environmental problems. -Monsanto’s agenda is to turn the world’s agriculture into one big genetic experiment. In most parts of the world (Eg, Europe, Russia, Africa most Latin America and Asian countries) major food companies and retailers are refusing to sell GE foods. There are also many governments who have banned the growing of GE or refusing to import them. In response to the mounting criticism, Monsanto has been making an effort to green up its public image. However, the real Monsanto is in the business of making money- first and last. Their evident strategy is to make farmers worldwide depend on their patented seeds, herbicides and pesticides. The record, as we demonstrate below, shows that Monsanto does not hesitate to sweep aside everything else...sustainable agriculture, the environment, farmer’s livelihoods and consumer’s interests... if this is required to achieve their goal of market domination. Monsanto guilty as charged for crimes against nature, crimes against the right of farmers to grow, and consumers to eat, GE-free crops and food. NDTV is misleading the nation by partnering with Monsanto on a show that has a message of democracy and sustainability. Read full report on Monsanto's deadly sins: http://www.greenpeace.org/international/Global/international/planet-2/report/2008/3/7-deadly-sins.pdf
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    It’s found that these trident lights not only lack aesthetics, but are also redundant as these do not serve any purpose. The trident lamp uses 3 CFL lamps each, which are often prone to damage either by natural hazards or public demonstrations. Moreover, the recurring electricity charges of these lamps keep increasing every year, along with drain of most precious resource - electricity (from fossil fuels). According to The Statesman report, consumption of electricity has nearly doubled after the trident lights were installed. In January, KMC's electricity bill amounted to Rs 21 crore from Rs 15 crore in December last year. Because of the ongoing financial crunch the civic authorities had failed to pay the electricity bills from April 2011 to January on time. Since a huge amount has already been invested on installing trident lamps, CFL's, etc., there's no alternate left (i.e. they can neither be replaced nor uprooted). Instead, the authorities must (at least) find ways to power these lamps using solar energy, such that they can save a lot of 'fossil fuels' as well as 'money on electric bills'. In this era of high technology, where countries like US, China, Germany, etc. have a target to turn to maximum clean, green renewable energy by 2050, we are still lagging far behind extracting energy from non-renewable resources and leaving a 'harmful impact' on the environment. On the other hand, there is a huge opportunity for solar energy in India as we receive about 3000 hours of sunshine every year - equivalent to over 5000 trillion kWh! We can use this solar energy to provide a clean source of 'continuous electricity' to the 'entire nation'. Many might worry that the high cost of these photovoltaic (PV) panels might hamper the mainstream entry of such devices. Nevertheless, non-stop research works in this field has reduced the prices of solar panels to a large extent. Moreover, China is offering good quality panels in Indian market at very competitive prices. Renewable energy in India is a sector that is still underdeveloped and when everyone is talking of sustainable living by reducing energy spent, the civic body in our country is doing the opposite. For reference, please see: 1). The Statesman, No midnight London lights in Kolkata: http://www.thestatesman.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&show=archive&id=402068&catid=42&year=2012&month=03&day=4&Itemid=66 2). TOI, Trident light controversy: Kolkata Municipal Corporation turns heat on DGs: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-02-01/kolkata/36683914_1_trident-light-gautam-pattanayak-kmc 3). The Statesman, KMC sweats to implement CM’s London dreams: http://www.thestatesman.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&show=archive&id=400210&catid=35&year=2012&month=02&day=15&Itemid=66 4). TOI, Trident lights are back, with better paperwork: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-04-21/kolkata/38709642_1_trident-lights-kmc-lighting-department-civic-top-brass 5). International Renewable Energy Statistics: http://www.eia.gov/cfapps/ipdbproject/iedindex3.cfm?tid=2&pid=29&aid=12&cid=regions&syid=2008&eyid=2011&unit=BKWH 6). Electronics For You (Vol. 42, No. 12) - December 2010
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  • Kolkata Stop Honking and Pedestrians Cross only at Zebra Crossings
    Kolkata the city of joy is soon going to become the city of pain, the age old adage of "if you can drive in Kolkata you can drive anywhere" will soon become "If you claim you can drive in Kolkata you must be flying or dreaming". With the non stop noise pollution due to absolutely unnecessary honking especially at traffic lights one of the causes of which s also pedestrians crossing the roads indiscriminately with the traffic police looking the other side. We need to have a special force dealing with this and drivers once fined for excessive honking should be forced to attend a workshop teaching them when they should honk and the ill effects of honking on the citizens of the kolkata. For all you non believers try standing one day at the park circus or park street or gariahat etc etc crossing for one hour and you will understand how ridiculously people honk when the signal is red and how people put their lives at stake by running across roads when the signal clearly states for them to stop. We as citizens have a right to live in peace and this constant noise is affecting the mental health of children and adults alike. And just because we don't have a car or prefer walking does not give us the right to treat the roads as our living room . We need to tackle this problem immediately as with the increasing population and more traffic this will become almost impossible to tackle unless we start now http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2010-04-03/kolkata/28138918_1_honking-horn-taxi-drivers http://www.telegraphindia.com/1080624/jsp/calcutta/story_9435214.jsp
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  • Protection of Periyar (POORNA) River, Kerala
    The condition of Periyar river is very pathetic. Illegal sand mining, dumping toxic waste by companies etc. ruined the river completely. Unless, steps taken to prevent such damaging actions sincerely & speedily, in due course of time Kerala State will loose it!
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  • 1800 illegal cell towers in Mumbai
    Cell towers cannot be installed near schools , hospitals & residential Buildings , as Radiation from these cause cancers & other health problems . This issue is very important but MCGM has been inactive in taking right step to protect public health
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  • Save Tawi, Suryiputri, Hertiage of Dogras
    it is a life line , water to grow water to quench thirst water to sustain biodiversity
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    Due to lack of better system, in a locality, people keep gathering their home wastes anywhere their eyes go at. This encounters problems like: (1) Generating unacceptable odor (smell) throughout the area which makes almost impossible for people to live/work around that area; (2) Becoming a residence for mosquitoes and other insects which spreads diseases like malaria etc.; (3) Making bad appearance that might cause in gaining negative impressions about our cities to the visiting people; (4) Last but not the least, some homeless sick people even try to find something to fill their belly from those regions and they eat those rotten leftovers. Cleaning these areas can stop them from doing so. Now about drainage systems: many of the drainage canals in the cities are not covered which results in same consequences like (1), (2) & (3) as stated in the previous matter. Besides, accidents may occur due to this. As for example, persons especially children may fall in those canals accidentally which might even take their life away. Not only that but also someone's costly stuffs can fall into those drains which are no further recoverable. This one might sound hilarious, but rethink it by considering stuffs like money, mobile etc. As for example, suppose a person is waiting for a bus (a canal is just beside him) and he/she's talking on the phone and suddenly the phone slips out of hand and is lost in that canal, what would he/she be feeling then?! Not only a mobile phone but this could also be anything precious and the person could be you!
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