• Proper Drainage and Waste Management and Gutters In Karwar, Karnataka.
    So its quite important to clean the gutters and to have a proper waste management because the water which gets stuck in the gutters can cause malaria and dengue. They have just become a mosquito producing units. Solid waste management is also quite important because as their is increase in population of our city so its quite important to have a proper waste management system. So the citizens I request you to sign the peition so that we can get a clean and green city . The citizens of other cities can also be a part of the movement as it would encourage them too. So friends please sign the peition.. Jai Hind.
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  • If a tourist enters a national park/protected forest area then they must plant a tree.
    There is a need to preserve nature. This is felt by all tourists visiting national parks and forest reserves and other secluded places to enjoy nature. Hence they are acutely aware that nature needs to be preserved now so that their children can enjoy nature too. I am sure that every tourist will be happy to spend a little money to see their planted sapling grow into a healthy tree. So they will not be averse to this plan. This effort will also help the local people living around forest to get a small source of income. My fellow trekkers !! I feel its time we contribute to our state-country and the worlds beauty by planting more trees whenever we step out of our doors on a trip or tour. We should no longer selfishly enjoy mother nature beauty but also should actively contribute by making it even more beautiful. A single tree can produce more than 100kgs of oxygen and consume greater than 70kgs of carbon dioxide. We can beat the harmful effects of harmful gases in our atmosphere and ensure a pollution free environment. Because it is well known that trees can reduce pollution and also increase the likelihood of rain. Plus imagine the number of animals a single tree provides shelter ! you will be saving those animals from extinction.
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  • Save Water
    Because water is an essential element and is depleting at an alarming rate.
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  • Ask Karnataka CM to implement 6 steps to save Bangalore lakes
    Bangalore, today, is sitting on a silent time bomb of depleting and degrading quality of sources of water. One of the solutions lies in the restoration of lakes for recharging its ground water, meeting water needs of the city and, also, keeping its climate cool. For centuries, lakes were a source of livelihood for local communities and provided all water needs of the city till early seventies. However, it has seen a rapid decline and number of lakes with good quality of water is down to around 18. Most of the 256 lakes have dried up due to encroachment of connecting canels (raja-kaluves) and lake beds. They are also the sitting target to receive sewage from nearby localities. The effort of government so far has been reactive and half hearted, even after several land mark orders from high courts and recommendations from several high power committees. Citizen groups are fighting a rear guard battle to save lakes and the situation is so alarming that if the government still does not take up lake rejuvenation at a war footing and in a coordinated manner then the future of the city is doomed. It is still possible to do it if all of us can raise our voice in support of the key demands that has been identified by experts from all NGOs and organizations working for protection of lakes. Please take action NOW!
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  • Save Bellandur Lake - Please stop Bellandur Agara SEZ
    1. Construction on the wetland leading to Bellandur will adversely affect Bellandur lake and in the worst case situation lead to drying up of the lake itself. Groundwater levels of the entire area are already alarmingly low and will get severely affected. The dangers have been vividly brought out by the report published by the Centre for Ecological Studies, IISc which recommended immediate scrapping of the project. This will worsen water problems for lacs of citizens -- as it is, Bellandur area - including the village, and apartments and houses on Sarjapur Road and Outer Ring Road, suffer major water problems, depending almost fully on tanker water (mafia). HSR and Koramangala water tables are also worsening. Interestingly in the same length, a few areas like HSR are also prone to flooding due to misplaced gradients. 2. The monitoring report of the Ministry for Environment and Forests, Government of India has commented that the critical condition laid down in the grant of Environmental clearance to the Mantri Project i.e “the natural slope and hydrology of the land shall stay unaltered” is not being adhered to and what is even more alarming “cannot be complied with”. 3. The Lake Development Authority has inspected the site and recommended cancellation of the project. 4. The project involves commitment of huge amounts of water to the two projects. Both projects together will use close to 180 million litres of water a month. That much water is not supplied by BWSSB at present to the entire Koramangala, HSR and Bellandur areas together. 5. There is a real threat of floods and back flows effecting Koramangala and HSR areas because the natural flood plains of Bellandur wetlands will be destroyed by this project, if there is water, that is. Bengaluru is rapidly losing what it is known for:- Lakes and Gardens. The objective of this community is to restore its lost glory as the Garden CIty of India We need your active support for this. This group is involved in several community initiatives in this direction including 1. Rejuvenating lakes in Bangalore 2. Town Planning 3. Assisting in Traffic Management 4. Filing RTIs and writ petitions 5. Alerting communities that concern them at local level For more details, please visit the facebook group “Reclaim Bengaluru” Please help in averting this ecological catastrophe. You will be blessed and remembered for such a noble gesture and for able adminstration Thank you. !!Jai Hind!!
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  • Travel Safe Live Safe
    Daily lakhs and lakhs of commuters travel vide train either for work, education or pleasure. It is the only means of connectivity to the suburbs and much of the time is wasted on the travel itself. And during the course of travelling people have to undergo several issues like crowded trains, hooliganism, travel on the foot boards and the on the top of the train, eve-teasing and many more such issues. Hence stance should be taken for Making rail travel simpler and safer for Mumbaikars.
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  • Make garbage segregation compulsory at source
    This is the only way forward for managing garbage effectively and keeping things out of landfills. Citizens should be educated by the government bodies, rules should apply to all (individual home owners, apartments, gated communities, commercial buildings, offices etc) . No one should escape the responsibility of managing their own garbage. Empower the collectors, educate them and also make it profitable for them by partnering with them to reduce the waste that is sent to the dump.
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  • Stop open burning
    It is degrading the environment through Air-pollution Releasing toxic chemical, dreadful elements into air and these plastics are eaten by several animals. the dust is flowing into residences nearby and spoiling the beauty of city.
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