• Switch on the sun in Thane and power our street lights with solar energy
    Solar power can light up darkened streets where electricity supplies are unreliable, making them safer for everyone. They don’t rely on coal for electricity, reducing air pollution and climate change emissions. Best of all, the technology is being made right now in India. We appreciate the work on the current solar projects in Thane and we would like to ask you as our Mayor to kick start a new initiative to make our city smarter. Please commission a report on how Thane can adopt solar street lighting and announce your commitment to the same. We have 32,335 street lights/garden lights in Thane. In addition to making our streets brighter and safer, we anticipate that the lakhs of money spent on energy bills on these street lights can be significantly reduced if we adopted clean energy to power them. This will further establish our reputation as the 'Pilot Solar City' as declared by the Government of India. As citizens of Thane we want our city to lead the way in green technology, to invest in the future, to reduce carbon emissions and to prove that being a smart city starts with local action. We believe in local solutions to national problems, and we commit to support your initiative. But as our elected Mayor we would like you to kick start this work
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    As industrial and economic activities expand, global environmental problems grow ever more serious. Environmental issues will be as urgent a task for mankind in the 21st century as with overcoming population, food, resources and energy issues. It is very important as it will combat our various problems including climate change , ecosystem and to preserve our Mother Nature .The Peace scholar Elise Boulding (1920 -2010 ) believed that a the future direction of the society is in fact determined by 5 percent who are active and committed .
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  • save tree..plant tree..save life..use green fuel
    These above mentioned demands are all made for my city. I want to see my city as one of the greenest and cleanest city of India. The tree plantation drive would reduce the city pollution. I want to see my city as one of the pollution free and smoke free city of India. And the use of green fuel and green power system can improve the economy of the city.
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  • Save our Natural Forest First
    Awareness & strict action required by forest department, mining & social organisation to save natural forest. Native uneducated peoples cutting thousands of young tree everyday for their firewood purpose. Post plantation care is required to save the social forest.
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    The Aravalli Range is a range of mountains in western India running approximately 800 km in a northeastern direction across Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. Aravalli is the oldest mountain range in India. Due to mining in earlier years, this area has been ravaged beyond repairs. Due to a SC judgement, there is ban on mining in this area. Still, there have been numerous reports of illegal mining. • The Aravallis are ecologically very significant, and form the catchments of rivers and nallas that originate from the hills and irrigate the plains. • The Aravallis have also been identified as an important groundwater recharge zone and are very important to the future groundwater security of south Haryana towns like Gurgaon and Faridabad, and provide sweet drinking water to millions of people. • The Aravallis also consist of unspoilt forests like the Mangarbani which are home to close to 300 native plant species, 120 bird species and many animals (jackal, neelgai, mongoose). • The Aravallis provide the only major forest cover in the state of Haryana which has a total forest cover of just 3.59%, the second lowest among Indian states. It is high time that the state recognized the importance of this region and took steps to protect it.
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  • Save Mangar Bani Forest Faridabad (Delhi NCR'S last Virgin Forest)
    Since from childhood we have been inculcated with the importance of trees. In almost every function the chief guests use to sow a tree... why so..? Just to add a goodwill factor to the programme..! I guess YES... my thinking goes strong and strongest by every passing moment, when I find myself incapable in saving Mangar Bani... the ONLY virgin forest left in NCR..! Isn't it a matter of concern... I will say HUGE concern indeed. But I guess for some it’s not a big deal... trees will grow trees will fall... to all those people who have and promote this momentary and completely senseless thinking, I want to present some facts to them: - Mangar Bani forest plays crucial role in providing water (Approx US $2 Billion Annually-As per the sources available on net) - Mangar Bani is rich in flora (Dhak, tesu, dhau, desi keekar, jangal jaleebi, munj, churail, paapri, frankincense and many more). - Mangar Bani has rare fauna preserved in itself, including various foreign species. 47 species of birds have been reported over there. A black eagle (spotted only once in past 100 years in Delhi) and a red headed vulture have been spotted recently in Mangar Bani. It also plays home to jungle cat, nilgai, jackals, leopard and deer. And for those who care for trees, who want to protect them... this is enough to know that Mangar Bani is gonna be down soon... Come on friends... let's come together for the sake of ONLY forest left in NCR... lets preserve the future... let's SAVE MANGAR BANI.
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  • Stop Spitting Pune!!!
    - Spitting is not a harmless thing to do. - Saliva carries live germs for more than 24 hours and can cause EVERY respiratory disease. - India is the highest Tuberculosis (TB) burden country with World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics for 2011 giving an estimated incidence figure of 2.2 million cases of TB for India out of a global incidence of 8.7 million cases. And saliva is the main transmitter for TB. (Source: WHO Report) - The H1N1 virus caused 485 deaths in India between Jan. 1 and Feb. 12, 2015. More than 6,000 people had tested positive for the virus during that time. (Source: Reuters) - In 2009-10, the H1N1 swine flu pandemic spread from central Mexico to 74 other countries including India, killing an estimated 284,000 people, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Saliva is a carrier for H1N1 virus. - Spitting in public places poses the greatest risk of infection. - Its not about 1 day of a Swacchh Bharat scheme - its about making Pune a cleaner, healthier place to live in.
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  • Stop AVH Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Project situated at Halkarni, Chandgad, Kolhapur
    Chandgad Taluk is green and home to variety of animals and birds. It also houses number of plants which are part of Ayurvedic Medicines. Cashew nuts, Milk, Sugar cane, Paddy, Raagi, Sweet Potatoes are part of farmers earnings. Farmer depends on the nature. This project is all set to destroy even the fertile soil. and all these reactions caused by the pollution are irreversible. Land in almost 20Sq. Kms area will become desolate. Coal Tar Pitch is a CARCINOGEN in humans. It has been shown to cause lung, kidney and skin cancer. Many scientists believe there is no safe level of exposure to CARCINOGEN. Such substance may also have the potential for causing reproductive damage in human.
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  • Save The Rain Forest of North East India
    Forest of North East India is home to thousands of flora & fauna, different species of rare animals, birds, amphibians, insects, trees/plants, reptiles & other rare endangered creatures. The rain forest of North East is fast dwindling under the pressure of of illegal timber mafia, politician - business nexus & with full support of forest officials. There is an increasing man-animal conflict in different parts of north east due to lose of habitat for animals. Many argue that banning logging will effect the livelihood of indigenous people. Logging have no ways made their life better. It's only handful of individuals who make money out of it. It's not a big task to find out that a life of a lumberjack has not improved economically or socially. It's only the mafia-saw mill owner-politicians- forest officials who make fortune out of timber logging at the cost of huge environmental destruction which inturn impact the life of millions of citizens, either directly or indirectly i.e. polluted air, polluted water, lack of potable drinking water, rise in temperature, lack of rainfall, floods, soil erosion, drought & others. Mawsynram/Cherrapunji which was the highest recipient of rainfall on earth had 30 % rainfall deficit this year. It's world famous waterfalls were dry most part of the year which impacted the tourism industry very adversely , which is the sole source of income for the local indigenous people. The river dams of Umiam were dry for last couple of years & the water level was below normal which impacted electricity generation & the state which use to export electricity few years back is now facing acute power crisis & power cuts & the state electricity corporation is under financial debts which runs in several crore. Millions of people across the state have to live with power cuts. People need to understand that timber logging is doing more harm than good. It's only selected few who is profiting out of it at the cost of millions others..
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  • Campaign:Save Our Mula-Mutha River of Pune
    This river which starts its journey in the Sahyadri ranges and finally drains into the Bay of Bengal is more ancient than Ganga and Yamuna. In the past, its banks had dense forests with animals like elephants inhabiting there. Like all civilizations, earlier settlers resided near the river banks. Some stone tools were discovered in the area indicating human settlements near its banks as back as 40,000 years. Confluence of two rivers is considered holy in our culture and hence the city located on confluence of Mutha and Mula river came to be known as Punya nagari (Holy City), later Pune. Imagine the current situation of this river. how about life of fish, birds, amphibians, insects etc who live and feed around the river, Imagine the impact on the quality of ground water, think of the last few trees remaining on the banks of this river, what would have been happening to the whole Eco system?
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  • Please DO NOT USE AGRICULTURE LANDS for new Capital City in Andhra Pradesh State
    Pulling out thousands of acres of Highly Fertile Lands form the farmers to build State Capital will not only push the farmers in to a dangerous zone, but also damage the Ecosystem. In addition, this also creates severe scarcity of Food Grains. The entire stretch of VGTM (Vijayawada, Guntur, Telnali and Mangalagiri) is called "ANNAPURNA" where the farmers produce range of Food Grains from highly fertile lands. We should sustain the name "Food Bowl of India". Now, by pulling out those highly fertile lands for building the state capital will create a serious threat for FARMERS, ENVIRONMENT and creates FOOD SCARCITY. Hence, please stop pulling out agriculture lands for state capital. Instead, look out for an alternate place.
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  • Stall the destruction of the streams, water bodies and forest in Chandivali-Powai Mumbai-400072
    What is being destroyed has been the lungs of the Powai area; these forests have stopped the flooding of the area; these forests have waterfalls emerging in rains and has some rear birds and animals, wild boar, wild cats, eagles etc.
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