• Siamese fighting fish
    Every time I visit these fish, I have an overwhelming sense of compassion for them. Japanese Fighting Fish seems so expendable and stranded in a small container of water. The ones who are dying and sickly do not get bought. They are left to suffer until their energy is spent.
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    These are Rare Alpine Natural Forests ,Not only guard the region from the North but a very rare species of animal and Birds are present,which are also near to extinction and beautiful scenery which are the source of attraction for Nature lovers. The Climatic Changes of Afganistan and Pakistan are also Associated with this large scale Cutting of these forests which are continue From 1980s. Both Governments were involved in this deforestation. Afghans provinces Konar and Badkhshan were completely Vanished and Now The NOORISTAN forest are under Extinction ,Same in Pakistan. SWAT DIR Bajwar and Boner Districts OF khyber pakhtunkhwa were completely destroyed and CHITRAL district forests are under Elimination ,same in Giligit Baltistan province of Pakistan is under danger. Pak government allowed cutting of forests and bring it to Pakistani market through korakorm pass. The floods of 2011 and 2012 were due to these cuttings which displaced millions of people and killed Thousands.
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  • If a tourist enters a national park/protected forest area then they must plant a tree.
    There is a need to preserve nature. This is felt by all tourists visiting national parks and forest reserves and other secluded places to enjoy nature. Hence they are acutely aware that nature needs to be preserved now so that their children can enjoy nature too. I am sure that every tourist will be happy to spend a little money to see their planted sapling grow into a healthy tree. So they will not be averse to this plan. This effort will also help the local people living around forest to get a small source of income. My fellow trekkers !! I feel its time we contribute to our state-country and the worlds beauty by planting more trees whenever we step out of our doors on a trip or tour. We should no longer selfishly enjoy mother nature beauty but also should actively contribute by making it even more beautiful. A single tree can produce more than 100kgs of oxygen and consume greater than 70kgs of carbon dioxide. We can beat the harmful effects of harmful gases in our atmosphere and ensure a pollution free environment. Because it is well known that trees can reduce pollution and also increase the likelihood of rain. Plus imagine the number of animals a single tree provides shelter ! you will be saving those animals from extinction.
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  • Solarification of Street Lights in Kochi City
    "The lamps used in streetlights vary in both size and consumption (typically between 35 and 250 Watts) depending upon whether they are lighting a residential area, main road or a town centre.""It is generally assumed that the average wattage of a streetlight is about 80 watts." Around 25000 Street Lights are currently functioning in Kochi City. Which means around 16000000 watts of electrical energy is being used. In todays scenario kerala uses mainly hydel power for generation of electricity and the power generated is not sufficient for usage. Rains are also lacking which will result in a more power cut situation. So If we can utilise the solar energy atleast for the street lights and govt. offices this will result in saving of electricity. So please vote and forward this petition to your friends also, to make them aware and let the govt. take necessary actions is converting the street lights and govt. offices to solar power.
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  • Save Historical Architecture
    Why this is important, you ask? Historical monuments are not places where people can urinate, spit, throw garbage and more importantly, carve or write a couples declaration of their love. Kings and Sultans did not build them for these reasons. Respect a Fort or Palace put up by them. To the garbage dumpers, i would like to say that there are enough number of dustbins in the city to throw your garbage and to the couple in love, find another place, like a piece of paper or your mind to declare your love. You do not need a wall, it will one day go away. So please, try saving our culture, try saving these historical monuments. You are a Banglorean, be proud of your culture!!
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  • Sky walk in front of Orion Mall
    -As we the people of Bengaluru know, Orion Mall was opened in 2012. -Since then, we have observed a vast increase in the number of people travelling in and out of Rajaji Nagar. -This has caused to obstruction of vehicle traffic. Traffic signals in Dr. Rajkumar Road are now counting more than 120sec at few places. There are totally 5 signals in entire Dr.R.Road. - U-turn in front of Orion entrance was closed recently sitll jams are not lessening. -In the evenings, right from 5.30pm we can observe bottle-neck traffic jam from Metro(Cash & Carry) till Orion Entrance which moves very slowly. -This is due to the amount of people entering the Orion by crossing the Main road. -Bangalore Traffic Police have made efforts to lessen the jam. But they can not stop the people crossing over.
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  • Stop the Damage of Forest area in Sanjay Gandhi National Park
    We have very less place to breath air,Sanjay Gandhi National Park is most beautiful and pristine place in Mumbai,We should stop the destruction of the place in term of development. It can not be development at a cost of the trees,birds ,environment .We need to have something good left for our future and future generation.
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  • Stop polluting the city
    It is really very insulting to spit saliva or pawn on the mother Earth. Whenever I see people do that I feel like slapping them. But it is not in my rights to do it. It is my duty and every citizen's duty to keep the city clean. Hence spitting on the roads as you walk is a very bad thing to do. It is also opening the door for various diseases.
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    . This will improve the environment . This will help to save the glaciers and thus will increase the life of Ganges and Yamuna . This will raise the water level and thus will make the life of villagers easier . This will improve the land resources . This will create self employment opportunities as people will be able to use the land resources . This will save the people from natural calamities like landslides and soil errosion
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  • Garbage Segregation in Bangalore City!
    The people of the villages around Bangalore where the garbage is dumped are suffering due to health issues etc. It is imperative that we work towards a solution. One of them is segregation into dry and wet wastes at home itself. The wet wastes can be composted and sold to farmers. Many farmers have already shown interest in purchasing compost from BBMP. The dry waste can be further segregated into recyclable and non recyclable. This will reduce the waste generated in the city to a large extent and its not only good for us, the citizens but also for mother earth!
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  • No nukes destruction
    It is important as it directly concerns individual safety and health and poses threat to the environment.
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  • Say Yes To CNG for DAVANGERE Autorickshaws
    CNG drastically reduces the emission of harmful and toxic substances such as carbon monoxide. Emissions of Carbon Monoxide non-methane hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Oxides were 76%, 88% and 83% respectively lower with CNG than with petrol. It is commonly assumed that CNG reduces a vehicle’s power but CNG is a more powerful fuel than gasoline. -Is it ECONOMICALLY VIABLE??!!!! Yes,it is. According to a case study, an average rickshaw operating two shifts of eight hourseach consumes 10 litres of gasoline in one day costing Rs. 330. To travel the same distance, the same rickshaw consumes two cylinders of CNG, costing no more than Rs. 150. That is a saving of Rs. 180 per day in fuelcosts. The health hazards caused by diesel and petrol exhaust fumes are: • raise the risk of heart attacks • harmful to blood vessels and can increase the chances of blood clots forming in our arteries, leading to a heart attack or stroke. • Breathing in diesel exhausts during pregnancy is associated with sluggishness in offspring • alterations in brain metabolism of neurotransmitters • coughing, itchy or burning eyes, chest constriction, wheezing, and difficulty in breathing • the long term exposure to diesel fumes may increase the risk of lung cancer and possibly bladder cancer. Noise levels in some parts are much beyond the permissible levels notified in the Noise Pollution Control (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 which is mainly caused by the diesel run auto-rickshaws. Another dangerous impact given by the diesel and petrol run auto-rickshaws is noise pollution of our environment. • loss of hearing, either temporary or permanent. • lack of concentration, loss of memory and an adverse impact on education of children • The non-auditory effects include cardiac ailments, stress, fatigue and disturbance to sleep leading to insomnia OUTCOMES : . The best place to witness this change is our country’s capital DELHI. Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Lead and Sulphur Dioxide levels have all shown a declining trend. The annual average of 42g/m3 of Sulphur Dioxide in the year 1996 came down to as much as 18g/m3 during 2002, whereas NO2 came down from 75g/m3 in 1996 to 59g/m3 in 2000. Also, the results show a significant improvement in the overall air quality of the city. The concentration of Carbon Monoxide has fallen by 32 per cent; Sulphur Dioxide levels have fallen by 39 per cent in 2002 as compared to 1997. The concentration of other pollutants like Lead and Benzene have also registered a marked decline. ALL OF THIS WAS POSSIBLE ONLY BECAUSE OF SWITCHING TO A CLEANER FUEL LIKE CNG.. Lets do our best to bring back the lost charm of Davangere and make it pollution free...
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