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To: McGm

1800 illegal cell towers in Mumbai

1800 illegal cell towers in Mumbai

Dear Mun Commissioner , without MCGM permission 1800 cell towers have been installed
in Mumbai , violatinfg all the norms ,& guidelines for regularization prepared by MCGM Officials after High Court Order What action you are taking to stop this illegal installation ? As per high Court Directive , MCGM has formulated rules for regularization in 2011 but so far why action has not been initiated against Law Breakers & Enemies of Public health ? Isnt it a Contempt of Court ? Will you please take right action ? though it is too late !

Why is this important?

Cell towers cannot be installed near schools , hospitals & residential Buildings , as Radiation from these cause cancers & other health problems . This issue is very important but MCGM has been inactive in taking right step to protect public health


Reasons for signing

  • All cell tower emit radiation and cause health problems on each building there are 6 to7 antenna and at very close disatance from other buildings. Health is wealth but some peopledo not uderstand this
  • we should stop illealities and also stop playing with health of people
  • Healthi is conscious now a days and radiation from this equipement can harm future generation.


2016-03-15 10:39:31 +0530

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