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To: Shri. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan- Minister for Forest and Environment (Kerala)

Illegal toxic dumping in Kerala affecting local community and children

Illegal toxic dumping in Kerala affecting local community and children

Sowparnika Industries an Aluminum company located in my village in Thrissur,Kerala mainly works on aluminum anodizing, powder coating and colouring. This company has been discharging toxic waste to the neighboring farm lands and has polluted our soil and water over the years. Because of this our farmlands, well water and children have been affected and caused serious problems to my community.

This company has been functioning without a license for the past 2 years and during this period they have broken a number of environmental norms and also risked the lives of my community. This company has also managed to:
1. Discharge effluents and chemicals into the river which flows through our village.
2. This has affected the land and soil for farming and also polluted drinking water.
3. Affected the health of the people surrounding that area (cancer, asthma, memory loss, abortion).
4. Company started discharging effluent and sludge to neighboring farm lands. Farm workers experienced skin irritations and blisters.

A Soil test conducted recently by the Kerala Agricultural University showed that the soil contained 1421ppm toxic while the tolerance limit is 30ppm.

Why is this important?

My community is facing a serious threat from this company; I see that a lot of people in my community dying with cancer and what’s worse I see children born with disorders and diseases. The water in the wells has been affected and has turned acidic. The river in which the company discharged effluents provides drinking water to neighbouring towns, passes through major heritage temples in Trichur such as Arattupuzha and Triprayar. What’s more troublesome and disturbing is that this river connects to the beach in Chavakkad near Guruvayur and hence would affect marine lives as well.

Our community has been protesting for years and have been fighting the battle with this company. The youth in our community have had rely hunger strike and held press conferences for this issue however we need more support to get as many people on board. There has been a non-violent strike for more than 50 days and the hunger strike has crossed 24 days. Please sign this petition and support our fight against this company.

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Arattupuzha, Thrissur, Kerala, India

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Reasons for signing

  • i think its my responsibility
  • dont let innocent people die
  • because i think it is my responsibility..


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To save the environment in which my Family lives.

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