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To: Siddaramaiah, Karnataka Chief Minister

Ask Karnataka CM to implement 6 steps to save Bangalore lakes

Dear Chief Minister,

Bangalore is suffering from a depleting and degrading quality of sources of water. Here are the 6 urgent steps to be taken for restoration of lakes to recharge its ground water, meeting water needs of the city and also keeping the climate cool.

1. One agency for lake rejuvenation

2. A mechanism for handling of lake-related issues

3. Stop dumping of debris and remove encroachments

4. Use Storm Water Network, free of sewage, for lake inter connectivity

5. Include citizens in lake rejuvenation planning & execution

6. Adequate budgeting for lake rejuvenation

Why is this important?

Bangalore, today, is sitting on a silent time bomb of depleting and degrading quality of sources of water. One of the solutions lies in the restoration of lakes for recharging its ground water, meeting water needs of the city and, also, keeping its climate cool.

For centuries, lakes were a source of livelihood for local communities and provided all water needs of the city till early seventies. However, it has seen a rapid decline and number of lakes with good quality of water is down to around 18. Most of the 256 lakes have dried up due to encroachment of connecting canels (raja-kaluves) and lake beds. They are also the sitting target to receive sewage from nearby localities.

The effort of government so far has been reactive and half hearted, even after several land mark orders from high courts and recommendations from several high power committees. Citizen groups are fighting a rear guard battle to save lakes and the situation is so alarming that if the government still does not take up lake rejuvenation at a war footing and in a coordinated manner then the future of the city is doomed. It is still possible to do it if all of us can raise our voice in support of the key demands that has been identified by experts from all NGOs and organizations working for protection of lakes.

Please take action NOW!


Reasons for signing

  • The CRS Reservoir which is in Tippagondanahalli bangalore south totally need to be rejuvenate. Complete dam has been ruined by chemical hazardous things.
  • concerned about the future of bangalore and all of us who live here
  • My House is next to a lake and have seen its systematic destruction


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