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To: Andhra Pradesh CM, Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy

Ban La Tomatina in Andhra Pradesh

The event managers were forced to cancel the event due to public pressure. La Tomatina Festival ban in Delhi and Karnataka in previous years has also influenced this greatly.
Authorities have confirmed cancellation of the event and also mentioned that no such wasteful events would further take place.

Ban La Tomatina in Andhra Pradesh

Jai jawaan, jai kisaan, bhaad mein jaaye bhooka insaan?

I want the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister to take strict action against such wastage of food for the sake of a few rich while the country deals with high rate of malnutrition. Andhra Pradesh itself has serious rate of malnutrition as per the India’s Global Hunger Index.[1]

Approx. 25% of the world’s hungry people live in India (approx. 230 million) and around 43% of children under five years old suffer from malnutrition and yet we will allow throwing tomatoes at each other for fun?

Just like Karnataka government banned it in 2011 [2], BAN La Tomatina in Andhra!

Why is this important?

Wasting precious food must not be allowed to become part of our culture in India while there are millions of Indians that go hungry every day. We must stop the La Tomatina festival in Hyderabad. 2 years ago, Delhi and Karnataka banned such festivals due to public protests, why shouldn’t Andhra stand by our farmers and the hungry?

Summary of concerns:

- Huge wastage of edible tomatoes
- The quantity of water that will be used to clean the mess
- Possibility of molestation
- Possibility of increase in tomato rates if such events are repeated beyond the existing high cost
- Set back for any nutrition program in the state

How it will be delivered

If I get 3000 signatures, I will arrange for a meeting with the CM/Police/Municipal Commissioner before the festival.

If we do not get a ban on such a wastage, I will request more and more people to join me in a protest outside the venue and put pressure on the attendees to think about the poor before they squish a tomato for fun!


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Stop such wasteful event
  • Ignoring hungry people is the worst sin. Wasting food is tantamount to committing that sin.
  • instead wasting tomatoes only for the reason of can fill the hunger of poor needy children.


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