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To: Minister for Environment & Forests

Ban mining in Western Ghats

Ban mining in Western Ghats

The Western Ghats as ecologically sensitive, a high-level panel has recommended that “destructive” activities such as mining, thermal power, major construction, and some hydel power projects should not be allowed there.
The Gadgil report had wanted the entire area of the Ghats to be graded into three levels of eco-sensitive zones, each of which would have different restrictions. It had faced uproar from State governments and industries which were alarmed by the curbs on development in almost 70 per cent of the biodiverse range of mountains spanning six States.
We want to ensure effective protection right now, not in ten years’ time,”

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  • It's our responsibility to save the nature and natural resources for our future generations. We have no right to destroy the nature in such a brutal way. Devastating of nature will cost very high to us . And I also love the greenery of the nature, it's like heaven on the earth.
  • Human beings have no right to destroy natural resources of this planet and make life difficult for wildlife and the other living organism. We don't want development at the cost of environment and nature. As experts say, protecting the natural resources of our planet is the only way for human survival in the near future, if not for the wildlife and nature for our own survival we need to understand the importance of forest, oceans and mountains.
  • There should not be mining on ecological sensitive areas as told by the MOEF. If the area is not under Ecological Sensitive Area. It should be put under the specific group.


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