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To: Agriculture minister

Ban vegetable cultivation along railway tracks in mumbai

Ban vegetable cultivation along railway tracks in mumbai

I want them to ban the cultivation immediately. First of all no individual is owner of the land near by railway tracks who are cultivating land and growing vegetables. Above all the vegetables which are grown and consumed in open market is dangerous with high level of chemical intoxication which is harmful for the health of human being for generations. The water which is used for cultivation are either from drainage or from industrial drainage outlet which flushes chemical drainage. As per law this water cannot be used for agriculture, so its should be stopped with immediate effect. Since its property of railways they should procure it immediately.

In case of alternative needed then allow cultivation of flowering plants which harmless and will add charm in the journey. Hope for mass agitation for the same.



Why is this important?

Its is very important as it is directly effecting the health of citizen. It may bring deformities in children or in new born babies which may last for generations.

How it will be delivered

I need guidance for it

Reasons for signing

  • Peoples health is very important and polluted food is not good for health.


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