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To: MP

Clean Up Garbage Around Bijwasan Nallah-Near Palam Vihar

Clean Up Garbage Around Bijwasan Nallah-Near Palam Vihar

Dear MP Ji
Kindly Clear Garbage around Bijwasan Nallah. I have attached an image above to show the extent of the problem. The amount o f agarbage and slow moving water in the drain or nallah is unhealthy. I have taken several pictures but can only upload one. I think by slight improvement there can be a vast difference. the neighbouring fields are healthy and support lot of bird life and by cleaning up this area we can reduce the level of health hazard. Note the water is a source of disease in its current state and stagnant pools are likely to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. By making and cleaning up the area we can reduce the threat to animals, birds and humans alike.

Why is this important?

It is unhealthy practice that needs to be curbed. I have listed below some of the reasons why this needs to be taken care off
1) Stagnant water source of mosquito breeding
2) Unsightly and unhealthy
3) Lots of birds visit this place and its is bad for them to have human garbage piling around- they feed on this sometimes and it is damaging to their health.
4) Just the presence of excess garbage forces rag pickers, stray dogs and other animals to visit- which is dangerous to their health and also affects other people passing through this area.
5) Its is unhealthy unsightly and offensive and likely to spread disease.

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  • We have to clean our enviorment


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