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To: Kanyakumari District Collector, Chief Minister

Conservation of Paddy Land and Wetland

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Manojan Rajan
Conservation of Paddy Land and Wetland

Immediate stop of conversion and promotion of fertile paddy fields for construction of houses

Why is this important?

The rate of conversion of Farm land, paddy fields and wet lands are diminishing in Kanyakumari District, that is know for its own natural serene now becoming a concrete jungle. Vast wetlands of Nagercoil were being rapidly destroyed by politicians and real estate promoters, who had no concern for nature. Lands that were once occupied by tractors and ploughs are now being ruined by land movers. The entire ecological chain is under destruction. Such actions were ecological crimes according to Sections 430 and 431 of the IPC, where the guilty can be sentenced to jail for up to five years.


2014-02-05 21:43:37 +0530

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