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To: All Investors of Adhunik Group; Chairman, Adhunik Group of Industries; Managing Director, Adhunik Alloys and Power Ltd.; Cheif Minister, Jharkhand; Prime Minister of India, President of India.

Don't Bury us under Industrial Waste Adhunik Group

Court orders Adhunik to stop the illegal dumping of toxic waste Umang Choudary, activist: " GPx gave me the confidence to challenge a company for it's environmental crimes."

Don't Bury us under Industrial Waste Adhunik Group

Adhunik Alloys and Power Limited, Kandra factory sites has on a constant basis been violating environmental rules and neglecting pollution control measures. By Dumping Industrial Waste equivalent to about 8 railway rakes in residential area in Kadamdih village shows the intentions of the management of the company. They are also violating the conditions on the basis of which Environment Clearance was awarded.
This area being The Dalma Ecosensitive Zone, which is also the home to Wild Elephants whose numbers are fast declining prompt action needs to be taken.
We request:
All Investor to take back their funds form the Project
Adhunik Management to rectify its errors and its attitudes towards environment in reality rather than paper.
Chief Minister of Jharkhand to ensure that State Pollution Control Board does its duty.
The Prime Minister and The President to declare void the Environment Clearance awarded and order liquidation of the Company in case of non compliance.

Why is this important?

The waste we are talking about contains Heavy Metals which is toxic for life.
The waste can leech ground water.
It can cause lungs disease.
It shall severely affect the fertility of the soil.
It shall cause skin disease.
It shall causes several types of cancer.
It can cause mental handicappedness.

Note: Adhunik Group is one of the beneficiary of the Biggest Ever Scam in India 'The Coal Block Scam'.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition by Hand to The Hon'ble Chief Miniter of Jharkhand and Post a Copy to The Hon'ble President of India, Prime Minister of India. Other Parties will we informed by Email. We have already taken this issue up in The Hon'ble National Green Tribunal, New Delhi and the same is up for hearing. The case no is 11/2012 titled 'Residents of Village Kadamdih Through Umang Choudhary Vs. State of Jharkhand & Ors.". We seek your support to book the guilty.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed in because,i think our environment is important to all of us.And to save our environment it is in our hands to protect it,so my request to all is plz protect our environment for feature.what help u can do to our environment do it....


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