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Don't Drain Water, Time to harvest Rainwater this season.

Don't Drain Water, Time to harvest Rainwater this season.

We all know the Mumbai floods that devastated the city life on 26 July 2005. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) station in Santacruz had recorded a record 944 mm. of rain for the 24 hours ended at 08:30 a.m. on 27 July.

Now that's Million liters of water wasted, which essentially can be caught through a catchment surface area known as Rainwater Harvesting Techniques.

All we need to do is, Co-operative Housing Societies in Mumbai who have shed on the terrace can make an underground storage tank and use the rainwater collected. You can use the rainwater by for washing utensils and other miscellaneous purpose like watering trees, washing cars, cleaning home and toilets. Even to clean your own society. Also you can transport this water to areas which are facing scarcity of water. Those who have terrace flats and stay in chawls can adopt a technique of Rain saucer, which is nothing but an upside down umbrella with the tip of it is inserted in a storage tank like Sintex tanks etc.

Mumbai's Local train platform Roof Tops are the best readily available catchment areas for rainwater harvesting. In present scenario, this water from roof tops is drained in vain, which in turn floods the railway tracks. This water can be collected and diverted to industries which require water for production of various goods and services after purification and remediation. E.g. use water for cooling ore and oil refineries, Production plants which use water in chemical processes. Manufacturing plants which use water as a solvent.

What will happen, If we harvest rainwater this season, the dependency on ground water will be reduced to the extent of 25%-40%.

How will this help is groundwater will not be exploited and used, thus saving groundwater is nothing but creating water.

Why is this important?

Why we should care?

Out of the total water on earth only 2.5% is fresh water for consumption.

One in six people worldwide don't have access to safe freshwater.

We are already facing water crisis in Maharashtra. If we really care about water as a vital resource for our lives, please sign and support.

Please visit my presentation about rainwater harvesting.

How it will be delivered

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • water scarcity is one of the biggest crises our mother earth is facing right now and i want to be a part and help preserve it


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