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To: HP High court and Government

don't reduce the green cover

don't reduce the green cover

The Hon'ble, High court’s order to remove encroachments is quite appreciable, but at the same time, its implementation procedure raises questions. There could have been many other alternatives to remove the encroachments, instead uprooting the valuable green apple trees.

Why is this important?

The value of an apple tree doesn’t lie in terms of economy only, but also in its carbon capturing efficiency. The most significant and undisputed problem of the World today is Climate Change, which has resulted due to Global warming. Uncontrolled Carbon emissions in the atmosphere are increasing global warming. All green trees help in carbon capturing, so does the apple tree. As per the one of the reports of New York’s State Apple Research and Development Program, an acre of orchard fixes about 20 tons of CO2 from the air each season, releases 15 tons of oxygen, and provides over 3.4-4 billion BTU’s (equivalent to about 85-90 air conditioners of 10,000 BTU capacity running 24/7 for 6 months) of cooling power. In addition, some carbon is sequestered in the new wood and, roots of the trees. Apple trees also help perpetuate the water cycle by returning water vapors back into the atmosphere. Uprooting such a huge number of apple trees is not a worthy idea. Uprooting of trees are not only resulting in reduction of the carbon capturing capacity from atmosphere, but, also increasing carbon emissions due to its decay. There seems no difference in actions taken by farmers to encroach in forests then, and as ordered by the Court to remove all the encroachments now, as in both the actions there is loss/impact to environment. Hence, Government needs to step in and, find some other desirable alternatives to remove encroachments, so that, the very idea to save environment can be ensured.

Himachal Pradesh, India

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Reasons for signing

  • The decrease in the no. of green trees will lead to increase in carbon emissions so the government should decrease the encroachments in such a manner that it does not harm the environment.


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