To: Education and agriculture ministers

Eco urban gardens for every school

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Tracy Frauzel
Eco urban gardens for every school

Please create a programme for schools that initiates the creation of urban vegetable gardens in schools and teaches about traditional agriculture as part of the school curriculum including providing initial funding for pots, soil and tools to get the project started.

Why is this important?

Many children in India still don't have enough to eat everyday, while children in our cities are increasingly losing touch with where there food comes from and a love for traditional, healthy food. We could teach our children about healthy natural food by creating urban garden projects in all our schools that produce food that can then be given to poor children who don't have enough to eat.

Reasons for signing

  • This is an amazing idea it not only educates children to grow, it's can raise funds and but supplies good health food and satisfaction that the kids have grown it themselves!