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To: Dr J. Jayalalithaa Amma (Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu)

Garbage disposal problems of Cities and towns in Tamil Nadu

Garbage disposal problems of Cities and towns in Tamil Nadu

Respected Madam,
We want to apologize in advance if we may have sounded rude in conveying our thoughts.
First we would like to walk you through the present scenario of our city and state. We personally feel that the city is going down into a hole of garbage and litter. But we do not blame the government for anything because we as citizens need to be more respectful to the nature and environment. Respect can either be self -realized or out of fear so, taking in mind the events and behavior exhibited by the people so far, we can say that it will never be self-realized.
What we are trying to say is that, the environmental act holds good to a certain number of people in the city and that certain number is not good enough to prevent the rest from making a mess of the city.
If you clearly look at the State's responsibility with regard to environmental protection has been laid down under Article 48-A of our Constitution, which reads as follows:
"The State shall endeavor to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country".
Environmental protection is a fundamental duty of every citizen of this country under Article 51-A(g) of our Constitution which reads as follows:
"It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures."
Let us not consider the forests and wildlife just for a moment, the surroundings that a human being experiences is also an environment. So I think the state should be working towards protecting it.
Now taking the second law into consideration, it says duty of every individual of this country which we had mentioned earlier saying it should be self-realized. So when it’s not self-realized we should take the upper hand and make them realize what nature gives us should not be taken for granted.
If you’re thinking why this campaign has suddenly popped up when the government is trying it’s best to clean the city by mass cleaning procedures then you should also see that making it clean takes a long period of time. Just cleaning the city at a stretch is not going to help. As we all know “Prevention is always better than cure” .
We should be looking into plans and procedures to prevent the people from polluting the city. This would make people realize that what they do is totally wrong and disrespectful to the environment.
There are irresponsible people who treat the environment very badly in every corner of the city. They just don’t care. They’re always selfish. What happens is that they don’t realize how it affects others.
Spitting, littering, urinating and throwing garbage on the road has always been a big problem. Garbage is never disposed properly in the bins provided by the government. It all adds up to greater problems in the future. Recent studies have found out that, tobacco chewed and being spat on roads causes tuberculosis which is very dangerous. We never know which new disease is born every second. There are so many things which are yet to be discovered in this world so it’s always good to be safe from our side.
Now getting back to the petition part, what we want the government to do is, impose strict rules and heavy fines on shops and houses which have the slightest hint of undisposed garbage. Spitting and urinating in public open places should also be fined.
If possible the government can improve the way it disposes garbage as most of the garbage trucks are over flowing and become instrumental in spreading diseases on their way to the main station.
It would be great if the government can provide closeable bags to the people to put their garbage in, tie it up neatly and then dispose them. Most of the problem arises when people throw loose garbage into the bin.
The most important thing that we want to suggest is that the method of waste sorting can be implemented as it would be really helpful in many levels. Waste can be sorted into recyclable, bio-degradable, and hazardous. Plastics, papers and metal cans should be disposed as recyclable. Food and other degradable products as bio-degradable and toxic substances as hazardous. This method can be really helpful.
Now all this is possible only if the people co-operate. So the government should be able to make them co-operative as we believe they are the ultimate authority and nothing as powerful as them.
We really wish to make a change and create an impact in the city by delivering a clean and green environment. Also we would be really happy if the government takes into account what we have asked them for and puts a firm hand into this matter.

Looking for a clean and positive reply.

Why is this important?

Well, imagine yourself living in a city full of garbage lying on the streets, imagine yourself travelling in the local bus sitting next to a person who keeps spitting on the road, doesn't your blood boil? Won't you feel disgusted? I have always been fascinated by the environment and it's beauty ever since I was a little boy. So when I look at my city and how dirty and unclean it is, it is very important for me to stand up and save it from the irresponsible people spoiling it's every inch. Not only that, it also causes so many health related problems. People suffer from so many issues related to dirty air, dirty water and dirty environment. The stagnated garbage not only smells but also attracts lots of unwanted insects like flies, mosquitoes which in turn cause so many diseases.
This is why it's very important I save my city. Everything needs a start. Let this be it.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Reasons for signing

  • I could see the total garbage from Orathanad Taluk (Thanjavur District) is being dumped in my village. This disposal leads to wastage of many farming lands. Children suffer as schools are located near by. I totally accept that we cant avoid the wastage and it should be dumped somewhere. I insist that there should be proper recycling plant to separate the waste materials accordingly and recycle them in effective way. Please suggest solutions to avoid such
  • For clean city..
  • Most of the garbage are dumped behind my house. This is causing problems to us and our neighbours. The waste materials are dumped and other dangerous insects like sticky worms, snails and snakes are rapidly getting settled therefore water is stagnated due to flood. So please take immediate steps to ward off this source of hazards to our health.


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