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To: Government of Karnataka, BBMP, Bangaloreans, NGOs etc

Garbage Segregation in Bangalore City!

Garbage Segregation in Bangalore City!

Dear Chief Minister, Mayor, BBMP commissioner, Bangaloreans and NGOs,
We all know the massive issue our beautiful bangalore city is facing- the garbage problem! The garbage crisis in our city has garnered international attention! It is a shame that being the garden city, we are setting the wrong example! Garbage Segregation into wet and dry waste should be made a law and enforced strictly! Fines should be very high and violators should be punished! Please take action as soon as possible so that all citizens not only of bangalore, also of the villages around bangalore where garbage is dumped, can lead a happy and healthy life!

Why is this important?

The people of the villages around Bangalore where the garbage is dumped are suffering due to health issues etc. It is imperative that we work towards a solution. One of them is segregation into dry and wet wastes at home itself. The wet wastes can be composted and sold to farmers. Many farmers have already shown interest in purchasing compost from BBMP. The dry waste can be further segregated into recyclable and non recyclable. This will reduce the waste generated in the city to a large extent and its not only good for us, the citizens but also for mother earth!

Reasons for signing

  • i need to know about the wet & dry waste need to implement in our school
  • It was never drawn attention before.It is same in every big city.
  • If its not now it'll be too late..


2018-02-23 11:08:43 +0530

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