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To: Laxmikant Parsekar, Goa Chief Minister

Goa Chief Minister: Shift the Saligao garbage plant. Protect the people and the environment.

Goa Chief Minister: Shift the Saligao garbage plant. Protect the people and the environment.

Dear citizens of the world,

The state government is insisting on installing a Garbage Treatment Plant (GTP) on the Saligao-Calangute plateau. The people of Saligao want the plant shifted to a safer location, just 700 meters away.

Please join the Saligao Garbage Struggle in this 5-point charter to the Government of Goa:

1. Shift the Garbage Treatment Plant to the safer, alternate site, just 700 meters away. It is not the best location for the environment, as such dangerous projects should never be located in eco-sensitive zones like hill-tops and plateaus.

2. Have a dedicated approach road to the plant, instead of garbage trucks passing through the densely populated areas of Saligao.

3. Completely clean up the present dump site, according to the High Court order of 2003 for the safety of the people and the environment.

4. If the capacity of the plant is only 100 tonnes, then it should cater only to Calangute, Candolim and Saligao.

5. A segregation plan should be developed and put in place for the plant. If there is no segregation-at-source, then do not install such a plant on any hill, as all such plants in India have failed.

Why is this important?

Garbage has been killing Saligao, Goa from 1987.

For 26 years, unsegregated, coastal and hotel garbage has been dumped in a huge, 60-foot-deep, empty laterite quarry on the Saligao-Calangute plateau. It has polluted the mineral, Salmona spring in Saligao, as well as springs in Calangute and Candolim. Today, the spring and well water is unfit for drinking.

Public health is at risk, because the garbage attracts foxes, wild dogs, rodents, cockroaches, flies and other insects, crows, vultures, egrets and sadly, village goats, cattle and dogs. Toxic, cancer-causing fumes from burning garbage and stench from rotting hotel food pollutes the air, making life unbearable and dangerous for villagers.

All pleas, to stop the indiscriminate dumping have been ignored.

Now, the state government insists on installing a Garbage Treatment Plant (GTP) at the same site. A massive landfill will take 10 tonnes of processed biodegradeable waste per day, for 10 years. Plant and landfill, both are a potential danger to the 3 villages.

For the sake of Goa, Saligao wants the plant, but shifted to a safer location, just 700 meters away.

Goa, India

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Reasons for signing

  • The plant is a great idea but one must consider the 5 points put up . It's a fair ask. I'm sure it will be considered by our elected people in power.
  • enviromental issues
  • Saligao is the land of my birth and my identity...a paradise that is now struggling for survival due to the environmental vandalism of corrupt, self-serving politicians and big business interests...I want to preserve this paradise for future generations


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