To: Hon. Collector & District Magistrate Mr. Rajaram Mane

Green canopy will turn black soon due to AVH chemicals..............

Green canopy will turn black soon due to AVH chemicals..............

Dear Collector,
As we know Kolhapur is one of the districts falls under the belt of Western Ghats and recently the ranges of Sahyadri were been included in Biodiversity Hostspot.
District is famous worldwide due to its Nature gifted diversity, we are having such a pure and healthy natural resources, which no one can create artificially.
The theme behind this writing is Chandgad Tehsil having rich biodiversity and in addition also having good agricultural background too.
Government allowed AVH Chemical Company to setting up their chemical plant in the peaceful area of Western Ghats, off course we will get good revenue from it, but the thing is with this revenue can we recover our loss of biodiversity? the people from the native of Halkarni are live in fear of AVH.
Have you visit the company profile? Please see the products and imagine how many acres of agricultural land will face threats of pollution.
Company having good hand to make following nature destroying products

1. Binder Pitch (it is derived from the processing of high temperature coal tar)
2. Imprgnation pitch, it is also obtained from coal tar.
3. Carbon Black oil.......................................
4. Wash oil (main components apart from coal tar are methyl naphthalene, dim ethyl naphthalene, cresol, xylenol, high boiling point phenol, pyridine base and quinoline)
5.Creosote Oil (in addition to coal tar it needs Kelly crystals and these crystals does not dissolve in water, can dissolve in benzene, alcohol, ethers, carbon tetrachloride, carbon disulfide etc)
6. Pitch Creosote Mixture
7. Naphthalene
8. Sulfonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde

Apart from the Sulfonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde, other products are derived from Coal tar.

Hazardous wastes from Coal Tar is much harmful and it surely creates impact on local residents and surrounding biodiversity.
So please kindly take all the things in consideration and from the angle of humanity and reconsider the decision of proposed chemical plant.
Otherwise green environment from Chandgad Theshil will turn in to black in forthcoming days.

Why is this important?

Now come to Coal Tar, earlier studies explains how hazardous coal tar is?
Dermal exposure to coal tars (including pharmaceutical and high-temperature coal tars) or coal-tar extracts caused skin tumors in mice and rabbits and lung cancer (but not skin tumors) in rats. Inhalation exposure to coal tar from coke ovens caused skin tumors in mice and lung tumors in mice and rats. An extract of a coal-tar fume condensate administered by intramuscular injection caused tumors at the injection site (sarcoma) in mice. Dermal exposure to coal-tar pitches or coal-tar pitch extracts caused benign and malignant skin tumors in mice (IARC 1985, 1987).

In addition hazardous waste water will cause damage to fertile soil and this leads into sterility of agricultural land.

Village residents from in and around Chandgad staged a protest in Kolhapur and in result they ransacked Collector’s office recently. This can be avoid, the Government authorities should consider local resident opinions and assign one committee in this matter.

Halkarni, Tal- Chandgad, Dist. Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

Reasons for signing

  • the coal tar is we are human beings, not supposed to cause harm to nature.
  • Save trees save earth
  • The words like environment, forest, fresh air, sustainable development...etc. should not remain only in text books or in speech. We have to give meanings to these words in real life. This is high time when all of us should realize the vested interest of capitalist power. This is the time when we should raise our voice against the injustice bing done to the mother nature. Lets come together to save mother nature. Or else be ready be ready to be doom.


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