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Dear Sir, we all are well aware of environmental problems in Uttarakahand "Hilly Areas", like water shortage, low agricultural yield, land slides, depleting snow cover and melting glaciers, this is effecting every thing here specialy the people living here, I am sure that, one of the reason of ever increasing migration from uttarakahand is also this. The only remedy is "Tree Plantation" on which no one has done any thing yet on ground, we have to replace the "Pine or Cheer" tree with "Banjh & Burans" or any such tree which conserves water.

Why is this important?

. This will improve the environment
. This will help to save the glaciers and thus will increase the life of Ganges and Yamuna
. This will raise the water level and thus will make the life of villagers easier
. This will improve the land resources
. This will create self employment opportunities as people will be able to use the land resources
. This will save the people from natural calamities like landslides and soil errosion


2014-02-05 21:43:04 +0530

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