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To: The Environment minister



As a global citizen ,we should initiate to grow one tree and plant to become a green CITIZEN . Let Start by taking small initiative in our home , in our neighbourhood . communities and then colony. We can start by label it as a Green city .It should be made Mandatory for very citizen .This would direct to a wholesome and peaceful society .

Why is this important?

As industrial and economic activities expand, global environmental problems grow ever more serious. Environmental issues will be as urgent a task for mankind in the 21st century as with overcoming population, food, resources and energy issues.
It is very important as it will combat our various problems including climate change , ecosystem and to preserve our Mother Nature .The Peace scholar Elise Boulding (1920 -2010 ) believed that a the future direction of the society is in fact determined by 5 percent who are active and committed .


2018-06-01 16:19:10 +0530

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