To: The Prime Minister

High tension power line over western ghats,Kodagu (Coorg)

High tension power line over western ghats,Kodagu (Coorg)

Dear Prime Minister,
A high tension power transmission line is being laid across the pristine evergreen forest of western Ghats, Coorg, from Kaiga to Kozhikode, which will pass through the thick evergreen forests of Brahmagiri and Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuaries. Axing down trees in this 55 kilometre stretch will disturb the fragile Eco-system, displace thousands people and cause irrecoverable damage to the people who have made this place their home from last thousands of years.
What’s even worse is that by axing thousands of trees in Western Ghats would affect rainfall in Kodagu and the Cauvery's water flow, ultimately affecting drinking water supply to major cities including Mysore and Bangalore.
Please stop and lay the lines in any alternate route which will cause minimum damages along the coastal line.

Why is this important?

The power line from Kaiga atomic power station to Kerala which passes through Coorg will cut across evergreen forest of western ghats, Rajeev Gandhi National Park (Nagarhole) wildlife sanctuary , paddy fields, coffee plantations and disturb and displace the native populations who have made this place their homes from thousands of years.
This power line will not benefit Coorg in any way. Thousands of acres of forest land, paddy fields, coffee plantations will be encroached and affect the livelihood of the native people directly and indirectly. Native people will be forced to abandon their land and ancestral homes and cause irrecoverable damages.
So far no proper replacement has given to the people who have been displaced due to dam, hydro electric projects etc.
In an era where climate change is haunting us, it is our duty to stop destructive project such as this and to protect our last remaining forests, native people and promote more sustainable ways to live.

Coorg, Karnataka, India


Reasons for signing

  • We stand for what we stand on. #PeopleForTrees
  • We need to protect Western Ghats. What we need is, sustainable development
  • Save them Save life


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Update 11th Feb, 2015 - ! More than 500 people from Karnataka and Kerala gathered at Freedom Park, Bangalore today to protest against a high-tension power line being built across the Western Ghats! The power line will pass through forests and destroy over 50,000 trees! Help protect the Western Ghats

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