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To: Forest Department, MP / BMP chief

If a tourist enters a national park/protected forest area then they must plant a tree.

If a tourist enters a national park/protected forest area then they must plant a tree.

Dear Sir,

Kindly put in place a new rule or obligation that tourists visiting our beloved country's national forests and reserves must plant a sapling there as a part of their duty towards protecting the nature.

The sapling can be provided by us or purchased from local people, who will help the tourists in digging a small place and watering it. Subsequently the saplings will be maintained by us and for that a small fee be charged to the tourists.

Why is this important?

There is a need to preserve nature. This is felt by all tourists visiting national parks and forest reserves and other secluded places to enjoy nature. Hence they are acutely aware that nature needs to be preserved now so that their children can enjoy nature too.

I am sure that every tourist will be happy to spend a little money to see their planted sapling grow into a healthy tree. So they will not be averse to this plan. This effort will also help the local people living around forest to get a small source of income.

My fellow trekkers !! I feel its time we contribute to our state-country and the worlds beauty by planting more trees whenever we step out of our doors on a trip or tour. We should no longer selfishly enjoy mother nature beauty but also should actively contribute by making it even more beautiful.

A single tree can produce more than 100kgs of oxygen and consume greater than 70kgs of carbon dioxide. We can beat the harmful effects of harmful gases in our atmosphere and ensure a pollution free environment. Because it is well known that trees can reduce pollution and also increase the likelihood of rain. Plus imagine the number of animals a single tree provides shelter ! you will be saving those animals from extinction.

Reasons for signing

  • This will preserve the environment and at the same time generate a source of income for the local people.
  • I support the idea . As this thing catches on and spreads i would be filled with pride fro being a part of something extraordinary and world changing


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