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To: Education Minister, Chief Minister, School Authorities, Prime Minister, President of India

Introduce Anapana Meditation in Schools

Introduce Anapana Meditation in Schools

Please introduce Meditation for children in schools. Particularly, the method of "Anapana Meditation" (first step of Vipassana Meditation) is completely non-sectarian and has been adopted by many schools and Government bodies of Maharashtra, India and other states..

We can follow (even a small subset of ) the below step taken by Govt of Maharashtra in Delhi, and other states of India.
News:"Vipassana Research Institute (VRI) in partnership with the Government of Maharashtra has initiated the Mitra Upakram in order to teach Anapana Meditation to almost 2.5 Crore school children all over Maharashtra."
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Why is this important?

The most important asset of a nation are the citizens themselves. If the citizens are healthy, patriotic, honest, and sincere, the nation will progress at a much faster pace. For this reason, it is very essential to have moral education in schools and colleges. The educational institutes should not only provide technical education, but should also provide moral character building education. Education should help the students master their mind. If the students are bright, the future citizens and leaders of nation will automatically be effective, efficient and pure persons, bringing great happiness to mankind.

Key idea is to realize dream of Vivekananda about "Character Building Education".

A meditation technique, called Anapana Meditation, has been practiced by children above 8 years age, and has been observed to give great benefits here and now. Some benefits of Anapana Meditation in student life are: 1) Sharper memory 2) Increased concentration 3) Better decision making and Confidence 4) Peaceful and happy mind 5)Freedom from stress, fear, worry, anger 6) Better performance in studies, sports, and work 7) Better Health.
People above 18 years can do Vipassana Meditation, which is the next step after Anapana Meditation and brings still better benefits.

Refer and for knowing more about Anapana and Meditation.


Reasons for signing

  • Anapana meditation is a tool for children to be happy, peaceful, confident and responsible citizens of this world.May more n more of them get the opportunity to learn the technique.
  • Because meditation can help the children be aware of their thoughts, words and deeds.
  • SMRAAT ASHOLA was the ONLY Emperor who implemented this not only in the schools but appointed thousands of Ministers in the country to teach Vipassana to the whole population of India, That is why it became pride of the world and was called Sone ki Chidia ( Golden Sparrow)


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