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To: Chief Minister of Karnataka - Sri. Siddaramaiah

Toxic Free Kapila

Toxic Free Kapila

To Chief Minister of Karnataka - Sri. Siddaramaiah

Rivers in India, though revered, but today have become an alternative for waste disposal by industries, people, tourists, devotees etc. One of the most beautiful and God – gifted rivers with rich aqua-fauna life, Kapila or Kabini river (Nanjangud), is being polluted at an alarming rate!

The river is polluted by industrial waste, dumping of used clothes by devotees, used soaps, cleaning utensils, washing clothes and garbage disposal too. India has very less rivers and lakes that are naturally clean and have aqua fauna life present. The culturally strong country is being exploited in the name of customs and traditions. Its rivers, lakes, land and lives of people and animals are being abused in the name of God.

Kapila River cleaning and its sustenance needs attention right NOW!

Why is this important?

Observing the media reports and research papers, along with couple of personal visits, it’s evident that all efforts are temporarily been taken and that, a concrete plan for Kapila river to be clean, healthy and safe for usage by people or for the aqua-fauna life, is yet to be planned and implemented.

The various stakeholders such as industries, local authorities, tourists, devotees and local people are the ones that can make difference by working hand-in-hand. This petition is to raise awareness among various stakeholders and have an infrastructure in-place and have people responsible for sustaining the water quality of Kapila River.

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Let’s join hands for Kapila River that provides drinking water and livelyhood for people of Nanjangud.

Some of the suggestions to curb the water quality deterioration of Kapila:

1) The river cleaning needs autonomous body or support of Environmentalists and NGO’s that would have river cleaned every quarter in a year.
2) Strict rules and penalties for people and industries polluting the river for personal or commercial use.
3) Making “No disposal Zone” (NDZ) around the river.
4) No bathing, washing or garbage disposal in the river.
5) The EU – India water partnership, speaks about industries or organisations providing sustainable clean drinking water system. The practice of society, communities and corporate working hand-in-hand.
6) Imposing carbon emission or waste disposal penalties to industries.
7) Encouraging innovative methods or alternate use of waste among industries near Kapila.

It’s important to save these rivers and lakes that are part of forming a beautiful tourist spot, which gives this small place an opportunity to grow. Given that India is destination for tourists from all over the world, the Kapila (Kabini) river can entice you with its beauty.

The more people get to know about it, the more tourists’ visits, more livelyhood, but, not at the cost of the river being used and abused for personal or commercial use. We are fortunate to have born in a place of holy and clean rivers like Godavari and Kapila that still serve the mankind with its goodness. It’s time to give back to Mother Earth.

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  • Before its late and rivers becomes a tale, let's get together and be the cause for the change. Kapila River needs your help to be clean and fresh like a crystal. Very few Indian rivers are this beautiful home to aquatic life.


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