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To: Police Department, Mayor, Chief Minister

Kolkata Stop Honking and Pedestrians Cross only at Zebra Crossings

Kolkata Stop Honking and Pedestrians Cross only at Zebra Crossings

Create a separate division in the police force to deal with this huge problem of excessive and unnecessary honking by drivers.
The same force can deal with the ever mounting problem of pedestrians treating the roads like their living rooms and crossing wherever and whenever they want. Strict fines should be imposed on both groups of people as due to the same people are getting mentally affected with the non stop noise pollution and also drivers can regain some sanity by not having people running across roads

Why is this important?

Kolkata the city of joy is soon going to become the city of pain, the age old adage of "if you can drive in Kolkata you can drive anywhere" will soon become "If you claim you can drive in Kolkata you must be flying or dreaming".
With the non stop noise pollution due to absolutely unnecessary honking especially at traffic lights one of the causes of which s also pedestrians crossing the roads indiscriminately with the traffic police looking the other side.
We need to have a special force dealing with this and drivers once fined for excessive honking should be forced to attend a workshop teaching them when they should honk and the ill effects of honking on the citizens of the kolkata.
For all you non believers try standing one day at the park circus or park street or gariahat etc etc crossing for one hour and you will understand how ridiculously people honk when the signal is red and how people put their lives at stake by running across roads when the signal clearly states for them to stop.
We as citizens have a right to live in peace and this constant noise is affecting the mental health of children and adults alike. And just because we don't have a car or prefer walking does not give us the right to treat the roads as our living room .
We need to tackle this problem immediately as with the increasing population and more traffic this will become almost impossible to tackle unless we start now


Reasons for signing

  • Honking is a complete nuisance. Is it right to honk when you don't need to? And people do think that the roads are their living room. They cross and if we try to tell them not to they'll just kick and punch the vehicle. This has to be done.
  • Honking is unnecessary, a nuisance and downright rude.


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