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To: Barin Ghosh : Chief Justice of the State High Court (Uttarkhand)

Leopard burned alive in Uttarkhand, India, take action!

Leopard burned alive in Uttarkhand, India, take action!

We have procured information about the people involved. You may download all the info here:

You may also see a video of the event showing those people involved here:

We have already taken most of their land and driven them out of their homes. We have driven them to starvation and desperation. Our highways have cut through the ecological balance of bio-environments, isolating each side. Our cities are built by chopping down forests so we can build our skyscrapers and continue to pollute our own breathing with carbon monoxide. Our industries have cut further into our forests, for farming and wood. It is imperative that some action be taken against the forest officials and police officers who stood by and allowed this to happen. We need to make sure law enforcers across the country never allow something like this again. In addition, the local panchayat or collector must issue a public warning to those villagers, and make a public statement in the media about what happened and what actions were taken to render justice.

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Why is this important?

It is wrong to torture animals that are just trying to survive. Why should the animals, who have already paid a heavy price for our comfortable existence, be tortured, beaten and burned in a cage? Don’t we owe them something for all the have been forced to sacrifice?

Reasons for signing

  • This cruelty is barbaric! What's wrong with these morons??
  • Because cruelty and insanity such as this cannot be tolerated and allowed to continue...
  • Animal cruelty must stop


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