To: BBMP , Bangalore City Mayor, Jayanagar Corporation (ward no)

Make garbage segregation compulsory at source

Last year (2012) garbage segregation at source was announced as mandatory by BBMP. The local corporator of my ward came home with team with pomp and show and distributed 2 bins to each home. Some of us started doing it. But we noticed that the collector would mix the two. So I went back to composting my wet waste and giving only my dry waste (bare minim which cannot be recycled). But very few people do that - either out of lack of awareness/education or carelessness. So garbage is mixed, dumped on streets for the collector to pick open to dogs and scavengers opening and scattering the contents of the bags.

Why is this important?

This is the only way forward for managing garbage effectively and keeping things out of landfills. Citizens should be educated by the government bodies, rules should apply to all (individual home owners, apartments, gated communities, commercial buildings, offices etc) . No one should escape the responsibility of managing their own garbage. Empower the collectors, educate them and also make it profitable for them by partnering with them to reduce the waste that is sent to the dump.

Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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