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To: Telangana Cheif Minister- KCR

Musi - Killed by Industrialization

Musi - Killed by Industrialization

Dear CM,

Your honor! I applaud & appreciate huge for the effort of bringing back the life into the lakes (selected) in Telangana area, as part of Mission Kakatiya.

Can you please concentrate on bringing back life in Musi too.

Why is this important?

As you know, We are surplus in population in our city now. We are thirsty in mid rainy season and summers are the worst. We are fed with water being pumped out of Krishna & Godavari, which is too costly for us as a government.

Musi is one such natural asset of our region (Telangana), spread among districts, which we can concentrate on to bring back to life.

I believe It can suffice at least half the water need in our city. It can bring up Eco tourism in our city, in turn, some more revenue, employment, and reduced cost on water feed to city.

Putting aside everything, its we putting forward the nature before us and co exist along with it, proving to the world, civilization can exist without natural destruction!

We realize..! Thy we survive!!

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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