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To: Mr. Prakash Javadekar - Minister of Environment and Forests, India

Environment Minister, Do NOT allow risky GM field trials in India

Environment Minister, Do NOT allow risky GM field trials in India

The government should stop persisting on genetically modified crops, such as rice, wheat and vegetables.

Our Environment Minster Prakash Javadekar, member of BJP, stated to the nation "You will see trial of GM crops soon"[1]. However, he has said that he is yet to sign off the decision.

Mr. Javadekar, do not sign off GM field trials in the interest of the nation!!

GM crops should not be allowed as there is growing scientific evidence against their safety on human health and the environment. Proven cases of contamination from open air field trials that pose a threat to contaminate our food supply [2]. The inefficient regulatory system on GM crops existing in India cannot assure safety.

Government should take a strong stance on the issue of risky GM crops and choose public interest over US multinational interests.

Why is this important?

- There is no scientific consensus on the long term health impacts of GM crops. Running GM open field trials can affect people around it.

- GM crops like Bt Cotton have failed over the last 10 years to even increase the yield(the whole purpose of it). Why this desperation to include GM food crops on our soil now?

- Once released in the environment, GM crops are hard to be contained and crops around it can be contaminated.

- The GM crops are patented by companies like Monsanto. This means that farmers have to pay royalty for growing crops. Why should we allow corporations to have monopoly on our seeds?

BJP and its manifesto promised the citizens of this country a precautionary approach on GMOs. But are they stepping back from their promise?

Countries like Russia and China, along with many European countries have taken tough steps against GM crops acknowledging long term health impacts.

Why should we be a testing ground for companies like Monsanto?

This is a fight that needs huge support from within the country. JOIN by signing this petition to protect our food, and ensuring that risky GM food field trials do not take place on Indian soil.

2. Read more about impacts on health and environment

Reasons for signing

  • Do not Allow risky GM field trials in India.
  • Monsanto is banned in many countries and should be banned in india now. GM crops are not good for our healt and to Agriculture Industry also. Please stop this. Would like to give full support to this campaign
  • Gm and Monsanto is evil and will have catastrophic consequences in the future!


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