To: Ministry of Railways

Proper Waste Management In Indian railways

Proper Waste Management In Indian railways

Dear Minister of Railways,
The waste management system of Indian Railways is very inefficient. Many of the train coaches do not have dustbins and people throw away wastes (plastic bottles, carry bags, wrappers, food remnants, disposable cups and plates) through the windows of the coaches. Even the few dustbins available are not dealt well! The present waste management system of Indian railways is a disaster.
Please provide dustbins in every coach, place boards indicating not to throw any waste through windows and doors of coaches and introduce an efficient method for waste management.
Please make Indian railway cleaner and greener.

Why is this important?

Being a student who travels quite often in trains, and being a nature-lover, many times I had to sadly watch the passengers throw away wastes like plastic bottles, carry bags, wrappers, disposable cups and plates through the windows of the moving trains. You would have noticed for sure, how polluted the surroundings of railway lines are, especially water bodies nearby. When we think more about it, the blame cannot be entirely imposed on the passengers; they have only an alternate option, which is to save these wastes until they find a dust bin in the next station. It is not a very practical solution and hardly anyone cares or bothers to do so. Well, I try convincing my friends how our little action adversely affects the Nature. When I keep the coffee cups and wrappers with me to dispose them in the next waste bin I find, many friends and relatives tease me by saying I'm a "DUST BIN"! See how even small actions to protect our Mother Nature are discouraged knowingly or unknowingly...!
We must do something to reduce it to the minimum extent possible. One method is to ask the railway authorities to keep dust bins in every compartment, near every kiosk in the station and in every place where the probability of passengers throwing away wastes is high. I sincerely wish that, sometime from now, when travelling in train, I wouldn't have to witness people slowly killing the environment...
Let's go green and save green......

Reasons for signing

  • Absolutely true! I want to add one more thing, there are dustbins in compartments of the trains, but where are these disposed? I myself have seen the cleaners throwing the waste from the dustbins onto the tracks from the moving train. This has to be taken into consideration by the concerned department and required actions must be taken.
  • It breaks my heart to see people throwing cups and bottles and other waste on the railway track. What people don't understand is how much we are hurting our beautiful Earth. Even my family makes fun of me whenever I try to convince them to not throw waste on the tracks. At least the government should take some measure to stop this and place dustbins in every coaches. I hope my small effort makes some difference.
  • When I saw people throwing waste outside the train, i feel bad. Sometimes i tried to explain them but few of them understand and rest people start arguing with me. This problem should be solved as soon as possible.