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To: MLA N.A Haris, Shanti nagar constituency @naharisblr

MLA N.A Haris - Arrange to remove garbage dumps that has been settling in Shanti Nagar

MLA N.A Haris - Arrange to remove garbage dumps that has been settling in Shanti Nagar

Dear Sir,
"Garden city to Garbage city" - Bangalore
Sadly, we have been hearing this statement from quite a long time now.
But by hearing news which shows your continuous efforts in bringing the previous glory back to Bangalore and trying to make it a Garden city in true sense gave us a little hope to expect a change in the current conditions (one e.g.,

Having said that, I would like to bring an issue to your notice with sincere expectation of a quick action from your end.

This is regarding a very large garbage dump with many cows and hordes of stray dogs - cows adding to the garbage with dung all along the road and dogs tearing apart some covered garbage plastic bags in the middle of the road - making the residential area, which is just beside it, a horrible place to live in.

More shocking is that the place i just described is in the center of a very well maintained , beautiful and a quiet residential area of Shanti Nagar (7th cross, Laxmi Road)

This may be about a single place in Bangalore among thousands of others, but keeping in mind that each place like this is adding to those thousands, I hope some action is taken soon.

And please note that this petition is being started after a very long continuous efforts from our side to get this resolved by contacting the concerned officials, which had completely gone in vain.

Why is this important?

Garbage dumps have become a common issue in Bangalore, but unless and until we citizens take a stand and bring it to the notice of necessary officials and fight for a healthy living environment, we may have to keep facing the consequences of living in such a unhealthy neighbourhood.
Right to clean environment has been held to be implicit by the Indian Supreme Court in the guarantee of Right to Life under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.
So we are only fighting for our RIGHT!!

Kindly support me in taking this eye-sore away from our neighbourhood and have a cleanly environment for our children and elders.

7th Cross Lakshmi Road, Lakshmiamma Garden, Shanti Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • To make this world a better place to live
  • Responsibility
  • Being a sincere citizen I have the right to raise my voice against those authorities who are in those respective positions, we elect them hoping that they will do good job to the people but if not then organisations like Greenpeace gives the right platform where we can meet like-minded people and start a campaign to make those authorities realize about their responsibilities and rectify things.


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