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To: Ministry of Environment & Forests

Save 274 acres of Botanical Garden reserve forest land from Eco-tourism project

Panel says no to botanical garden project:

The State Expert Appraisal Committee(SEAC) appointed by state government has recommended that the project needs to be scraped and mentioned that “the proposed project looks more like commercial project rather than a eco- tourism project.”
SEAC also mentioned that the work relating to the setting up of the project was undertaken without prior EC(Environmental Clearance) and hence amounts to violation of conditions of the ministry of environment and forest (MoEF).
The continuous efforts of the citizens and activists against the project were also taken into consideration by the committee which said that "it is felt desirable to preserve the reserve forest in the best interest of the urban environment and public interest".

Save 274 acres of Botanical Garden reserve forest land from Eco-tourism project

To cease Eco-tourism project in reserve forest land and "Declare KVBR Botanical Garden as a national park"

Why is this important?

Botanical Garden is the only green space available in vicinity for many walkers, meditator's and martial art seekers in the early mornings to fill their lungs with purest air , embracing peace by listening to various birds and witnessing the early rays of sun, its a reserve of many medicinal plants helping many biologists for their research and provides opportunity to enlighten many school kids with a real plant kingdom.

274 acres of reserve forest land was diverted for this "eco tourism project".
Now, in the name of "visitors ameneties", a 400 room hotel with swimming pool, gym, beauty parlor etc, 2500 capacity convention center, pre function hall, a mall(shopping area of 6,64,00 sq. ft), multiplex, etc are coming up in this site.

All the thousands of trees which took minimum of 15 years to grow into such huge entities deserve to be loved and protected. 30 years effort of silent plant growth should not be pulled down in a days span for sake of currency. This nature which we witness today should be preserved for our as well as future generations.

Sri Kotla Vijaybhaskar Reddy Botanical Garden, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Pure Oxygen is more important than Wifi and goods. Think which of them supports your life?
  • Places like these are the very few left to enjoy the nature in between this concrete jungle and may be the place which is producing the oxygen for us to breathe because i don't see much places with this range of green coverage.
  • Nature is Teacher for future.


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Today, 26th September 2013 Greenpeace Activists from Hyderabad joined around 300 people including Mr. AV Reddy, The General Secretary of Walkers Association who started a campaign on Greenpeacex to protest against 274 acres of botanical forests into a mega commercial venture and amusement park in the guise of Eco tourism to save the Botanical Garden in Kothaguda.

The Chairmen promised to look upon the issue and gave an assurance that there will be no injustice happening to the citizens. Also, he said he would forward the concern to the State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority for them to take necessary actions.
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