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To: Officer Incharge, PWD Department

Save Green Belt at Gandhidham - Kachchh Dist. Gujarat

Save Green Belt at Gandhidham - Kachchh Dist. Gujarat


This petitionl may be a shock for all the nature lovers as the Green Belt developed around the Rabindranath Tagore Road - Gandhidham Kutch Dist. Gujarat is being destroyed in the name of developing road. The present four lane road is being converted to Six lane which at present is not required.

The green belt is being destroyed uprooted in the name of development. The concerned authorities has not provided any alternative for saving this valuable assets. On the other hand we all are trying our level best for saving these trees / green belt for our future generations to save against global warming etc.

The concerned authorities are not even interested in doing any thing on this matter.

So, I humbly request you on behalf of the people of Gandhidham to guide for saving this green belt.

Why is this important?

Trees / green belt is what which is the needed at this moment for saving our mother earth from global warming etc etc. If this is not saved our future generations will be void of water / clean air and the list multiplies.


2013-08-10 00:50:17 +0530

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