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To: The President of INDIA and the Prime Minister of INDIA

Save Groundwater from the Industrial effluents

Save Groundwater from the Industrial effluents

Respected Sir,

Please arrange for an expert Lawyer to argue case No. WP 27357 of 2014 in the Andhra Pradesh High Court.

The issue is A.P. Pollution Control Board issued "Closure orders" to a Pharmaceutical Industry and the Industry got “Status Quo Orders” from the A.P. High Court and continuing to discharge effluents into a canal.

During the year 2011 also the A.P. Pollution Control Board issued closure orders of this industry, but in vain.

Why is this important?

Dear Sir,
At the outset, we received a representation & the documentary evidence from the Sarpanch of Chennampalli Village, Papanaidupet P.O., Yerpedu Mandal, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh State, INDIA

requesting us for help to unravel their area Ground Water Pollution crisis. It is reported that M/s. Malladi Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. [ ] is discharging effluents into a canal, resulting in contamination of the ground water resources. The aggrieved village people are struggling for the past several years to resolve the issue in all possible ways, but in vain.

A.P. Pollution Control Board issued closure orders two times I.e., on 10.10.2011 and on 11.9.2014. But the Pharmaceuticals industry officials are managing to run the industry operations, uninterruptedly. Now they got status quo orders Dt. 16.9.2014 from the Andhra Pradesh High Court, to continue the industry operations.

After perusal of the documentary evidence, we conducted field visit on 2.10.2014. It is observed that the industry’s effluents are coming from a drain and flowing into a canal that leading to the SWARNAMUKHI RIVER. Ground water in that area is totally got polluted.

The Chennampalli village people explained the details of their 5 years long struggle. They have organized many agitations and protests. Appeals were submitted to Government authorities, Political Leaders and also to the State Governor. The agitation news was covered in the local news papers on many occasions. The news paper clippings are available for verification.

“Our Helping Hands Organization endeavor is to identify the Social problems and inform the same to the suitable and capable authorities / organizations / intellectuals so that the issues can be resolved efficiently. We will be extending cooperation in organizing others plan of action, at field level, as we don't have the funds to operate on our own.

Due to personal reasons, we don’t like to solicit for funds, for any purpose, either from individual donors or from Government / other organizations. We prefer to be the facilitators, in the process of the Social Justice.

As the issue is now in the A.P. High Court legal progression and the Pharmaceutical Industry continues to discharge to effluents & polluting the environment, the village people are very much worried about their future. We hope, every one will agree with us that the Judiciary procedures generally take very long time to settle any problem. Further, the High Court legal dealings are beyond the perception and ambit of common people. It is also expensive to engage a qualified lawyer to present the case in the High Court, on behalf of the village people.

Hence, we hereby place this appeal for structural support......................… Proficient / competent organizations and the intellectuals interested in this issue are requested to come forward to initiate suitable further course of action and protect the environment from the pollution being caused by the Pharmaceutical industry. This has become essential as the Pollution Control Board’s efforts to stop the effluents flow, for the past 3 years, are unsuccessful.

Our Helping Hands organization is prepared to organize and perform any other organisation / Intellectuals plan of action, at the field level.

Helping Hands


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