To: Bangaloreans, MLA, CM, BBMP

Save Historical Architecture

Save Historical Architecture

Dear Bangaloreans,
Historical monuments represent the rich culture of our state and we request you to take a strict stand on the disrespect given to these monuments.

Why is this important?

Why this is important, you ask? Historical monuments are not places where people can urinate, spit, throw garbage and more importantly, carve or write a couples declaration of their love. Kings and Sultans did not build them for these reasons. Respect a Fort or Palace put up by them. To the garbage dumpers, i would like to say that there are enough number of dustbins in the city to throw your garbage and to the couple in love, find another place, like a piece of paper or your mind to declare your love. You do not need a wall, it will one day go away. So please, try saving our culture, try saving these historical monuments. You are a Banglorean, be proud of your culture!!

How it will be delivered

After we receive 200 petitions, we will deliver them to the BBMP and show them that people feel that historical monuments are important and that we have to save them.

Reasons for signing

  • History is very important and reminds us of our heritage and culture
  • historical monuments are there from our ancient times we need to respect them as our ancestors