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To: Chief Minister Haryana

Save Mangar Bani Forest Faridabad (Delhi NCR'S last Virgin Forest)

Save Mangar Bani Forest Faridabad (Delhi NCR'S last Virgin Forest)

We want Haryana Government to Preserve Mangar Bani Forest which is the last and only Virgin Forest in National Capital Region.

Why is this important?

Since from childhood we have been inculcated with the importance of trees. In almost every function the chief guests use to sow a tree... why so..? Just to add a goodwill factor to the programme..!

I guess YES... my thinking goes strong and strongest by every passing moment, when I find myself incapable in saving Mangar Bani... the ONLY virgin forest left in NCR..!

Isn't it a matter of concern... I will say HUGE concern indeed.

But I guess for some it’s not a big deal... trees will grow trees will fall... to all those people who have and promote this momentary and completely senseless thinking, I want to present some facts to them:

- Mangar Bani forest plays crucial role in providing water (Approx US $2 Billion Annually-As per the sources available on net)

- Mangar Bani is rich in flora (Dhak, tesu, dhau, desi keekar, jangal jaleebi, munj, churail, paapri, frankincense and many more).

- Mangar Bani has rare fauna preserved in itself, including various foreign species. 47 species of birds have been reported over there. A black eagle (spotted only once in past 100 years in Delhi) and a red headed vulture have been spotted recently in Mangar Bani. It also plays home to jungle cat, nilgai, jackals, leopard and deer.

And for those who care for trees, who want to protect them... this is enough to know that Mangar Bani is gonna be down soon...

Come on friends... let's come together for the sake of ONLY forest left in NCR... lets preserve the future... let's SAVE MANGAR BANI.


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Reasons for signing

  • Save forests
  • Forests give a home and food to all animals. Everything is not ours to consume and decide it's fate. It also belongs to the other creatures we share it with.


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