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To: Pune Municipal Corporation

Campaign:Save Our Mula-Mutha River of Pune

Campaign:Save Our Mula-Mutha River of Pune

Dear Mayor, Please stop dumping untreated Sewage & Industrial effluents into the only river which Pune has got, the river has literally turned into a toxic drainage.

Also please work towards cleaning the mess which has been created around this river, Pune should plan a river front and make the river as a part of city beautification.

Why is this important?

This river which starts its journey in the Sahyadri ranges and finally drains into the Bay of Bengal is more ancient than Ganga and Yamuna. In the past, its banks had dense forests with animals like elephants inhabiting there.

Like all civilizations, earlier settlers resided near the river banks. Some stone tools were discovered in the area indicating human settlements near its banks as back as 40,000 years.

Confluence of two rivers is considered holy in our culture and hence the city located on confluence of Mutha and Mula river came to be known as Punya nagari (Holy City), later Pune.

Imagine the current situation of this river. how about life of fish, birds, amphibians, insects etc who live and feed around the river, Imagine the impact on the quality of ground water, think of the last few trees remaining on the banks of this river, what would have been happening to the whole Eco system?

How it will be delivered

I will deliver them in person, but if I get a huge response then I may think of a press conference as well

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed to bring exposure to the filth that is being thrown into my lovely home river. I used to play in these rivers when I was 4, and stopped because of the pollution that PGRCS throws into the water systems. Please help us stop this nightmare. Sincerely, T. GuptanamanSakpal
  • To conserve the river
  • To improve the condition of the river


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