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To: National Green Tribunal

Save The Rain Forest of North East India

Save The Rain Forest of North East India

Stop destruction of rain forest of North East India. Strictly impose supreme courts order/judgement on petition no 202 passed on 12th day of December 1996 on civil writ petition filed by T N Godavarman Thirumulpad. Failure to effectively impose supreme courts order is a failure of respective state govt & the govt especially the forest ministry should resign for failing to implement the law of the land. All forest officials should be prosecuted for failing to discharge their duty & all saw mills should be shut down immediately.

Why is this important?

Forest of North East India is home to thousands of flora & fauna, different species of rare animals, birds, amphibians, insects, trees/plants, reptiles & other rare endangered creatures. The rain forest of North East is fast dwindling under the pressure of of illegal timber mafia, politician - business nexus & with full support of forest officials. There is an increasing man-animal conflict in different parts of north east due to lose of habitat for animals. Many argue that banning logging will effect the livelihood of indigenous people. Logging have no ways made their life better. It's only handful of individuals who make money out of it. It's not a big task to find out that a life of a lumberjack has not improved economically or socially. It's only the mafia-saw mill owner-politicians- forest officials who make fortune out of timber logging at the cost of huge environmental destruction which inturn impact the life of millions of citizens, either directly or indirectly i.e. polluted air, polluted water, lack of potable drinking water, rise in temperature, lack of rainfall, floods, soil erosion, drought & others. Mawsynram/Cherrapunji which was the highest recipient of rainfall on earth had 30 % rainfall deficit this year. It's world famous waterfalls were dry most part of the year which impacted the tourism industry very adversely , which is the sole source of income for the local indigenous people. The river dams of Umiam were dry for last couple of years & the water level was below normal which impacted electricity generation & the state which use to export electricity few years back is now facing acute power crisis & power cuts & the state electricity corporation is under financial debts which runs in several crore. Millions of people across the state have to live with power cuts. People need to understand that timber logging is doing more harm than good. It's only selected few who is profiting out of it at the cost of millions others..

North East India

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Reasons for signing

  • Save biodiversity and the beauty of India.
  • Im from NE and want save its biodiversity.


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