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To: state and center government

save the western ghats

To stop illegal mining of all ores, coal, zinc and other important minerals. To stop human encroachments in these forests as well as mountain ranges and to stop building unwanted dams.

Why is this important?

Our western ghats are filled with a variety of plants, herbs and home to some endangered birds and animals. Recently, some new species of insects and fishes were discovered by ecologist in goa, karnataka, lavasa and near by areas. These ghats are the pride of maharashtra, goa, karnataka and some parts of gujarat. If the government is not able to handle the situation and takes no necessary action to stop as well as to control these criminal activities, the day is not very far from disaster. All Mining work is destroying the forests and sea where as dams and human encroachments are killing insects, birds, water life and animals. One of the best hill stations of western ghats is Ooty and is famous for its beauty but now its turning into a garbage dump due to humans.!
No Western Ghats- No Life.

Western Ghats, India, Goa

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