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To: Central Government, Uttarakhand State Government & Forest Department

Save Uttarakhand Forest & Its Biodiversity

Save Uttarakhand Forest & Its Biodiversity

We need Development but we can't put the Forest & It's Wildlife in Danger. We want them not to Cut about thousands of Hectares of trees in name of "All Weather Road" just improve the existing roads. We don't want such a big "Pancheshwar Dam" that will cost about 8000 Hectares (approx.) Forest, just made small check dams. It will also cost Aquatic Life and Wildlife. We don't need "Jemrani Dam" it will cost about 2000 Hectares (approx) Forest instead make small Check Dams.
We need development but in Sustainable way.

Why is this important?

It is important because it will cost a lot to Uttarakhand Biodiversity. We already have Tehri Dam & Dhauliganga Dam which produce enough Electricity for Uttarakhand as well as for nearby states. If nothing done the Forest & Wildlife and Aquatic Life of UTTARAKHANd will be at verge to get Extinction. Temperature already rising but after all this the effect will be more. Water sources already been dried (about 60%). Weather is changing.

All Weather Road which is been constructed for Badrinath costing 600 Hectares (minimum) of Forest estimate by government reports , although the Forest Department higher Authorities(ministry n other official) are not reliable which will cost more than 1000 Hectares or more... Now we can estimate complete All Weather Road project will cost Thousands of Hectares of Forest. Another is Pancheshwar Dam which will cost 8000 Hectares of Forest... Jemrani Dam will also cost about 2000 Hectares of Forest... And my observation on Deforestation and illegal Construction in Forest area is also costing lots of Forest (approx. 800 Hectares)

When adding all for Uttarakhand it's about 12000 Hectares which means Uttarakhand Biodiversity at verge of Extinction. Technically there will be no more Healthy Uttarakhand Biodiversity left...

We don't need Development over something that provide Oxygen to Breath, Orovide Food to eat and Provide everything to support life on Earth...

Reasons for signing

  • Anything to save my land
  • One planet, one expriment Plans to protect air and water, wildness and wild life are in fact plan to protect man
  • We need to save out planet


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