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To: Petsmart and petco

Siamese fighting fish

Siamese fighting fish

Betta fish are overflowing the shelves, and left to die. These animals are stacked on top of one another, most of which are hidden in the back. A small cup, little water, no sunlight or human interaction. I feel these fish are more than just a commodity. Please act in their best interests. Stop overstocking! Provide a more humane enviroment. Perhaps they should be a special order item?

Why is this important?

Every time I visit these fish, I have an overwhelming sense of compassion for them. Japanese Fighting Fish seems so expendable and stranded in a small container of water.
The ones who are dying and sickly do not get bought. They are left to suffer until their energy is spent.


Reasons for signing

  • I always feel so sad whenever I see these poor fish sitting in the shelves of Walmart, Meijer, or any pet store... I wish I could just purchase every last one of them and bring them into a healthy environment.
  • Cruelty such as this is so easily avoidable yet it still happens, it sickens me
  • Los animales somos todos. Nosotros pertenecemos a una especie animal y somos de carne. No seamos especistas y empecemos a respetar la vida en todas sus manifestaciones, y así podremos decir que somos superiores. Mientras sea el hombre el animal más despiadado que mata sin razón y destruye todo el planeta, no podemos decir que hemos avanzado como civilización.


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