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To: Minister for Electricity, Chief Minister of Kerala, Kochi Corporation Mayor

Solarification of Street Lights in Kochi City

Solarification of Street Lights in Kochi City

Dear Minister,
Please convert all the street lights in Kochi city (and in other districts of Kerala) to Solar Power.

Why is this important?

"The lamps used in streetlights vary in both size and consumption (typically between 35 and 250 Watts) depending upon whether they are lighting a residential area, main road or a town centre.""It is generally assumed that the average wattage of a streetlight is about 80 watts." Around 25000 Street Lights are currently functioning in Kochi City. Which means around 16000000 watts of electrical energy is being used. In todays scenario kerala uses mainly hydel power for generation of electricity and the power generated is not sufficient for usage. Rains are also lacking which will result in a more power cut situation. So If we can utilise the solar energy atleast for the street lights and govt. offices this will result in saving of electricity. So please vote and forward this petition to your friends also, to make them aware and let the govt. take necessary actions is converting the street lights and govt. offices to solar power.

Reasons for signing

  • its a truth we are facing power cut...and power tariff hiking..........and we have a unlimited power source which is not used in a proper way that s solar. it is one of a solution for all this problems.
  • Kochi has so much potential. This can be the catalyst for change.


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