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To: Dnyaneshwar Molak, PMC deputy commissioner and Ashok Ghorpade, PMC Garbage Dept

Save Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary from becoming a garbage dumping ground by PMC

Save Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary from becoming a garbage dumping ground by PMC

Dear sir,
Please stop Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, located in Yerwada in Pune from becoming a garbage dumping ground by PMC. As it is one of the lone bird Sanctuary in Pune and is in a state of neglect and infested with vagrants.

Why is this important?

THE PROBLEM STATEMENT: The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is reputed of being one of the oldest sanctuaries in the area since the Development Plan of 1987. Every morning around 5-6 trucks of garbage is dumped at the entrance of this 20-acre park. While the Superintendent of PMC garden department goes on to reason that there is no other depot in the proximity of the Sangamwadi ward, the sign declaring it to be “under PMC maintenance” is most ironical.

The nearby water body, Mulla Mutha River, which is the source of natural drinking water for the birds, is not without sewage and solid wastes like plastic bags and bottles. There are also a bunch of miscreants involved in undesirable activities like drinking, gambling and tree-cutting. Besides the unruly trees, there is no definite pathway or proper security systems for the visitors, which worsen their already disturbing experience of the visit.

A bird sanctuary is meant to attract birds. Given the above-mentioned scenario, one can hardly imagine any bird species being attracted here. The drastic dip in the number of bird-sightings noted lately is only natural.

OUR GOAL: To get rid of the garbage and pollution that inflicts the sanctuary and prevent further accumulation of the same, thus ensuring habitable conditions for varied species of birds once again.

AFTERMATH: The sanctuary used to house diversified habitat ranging from shallow water reserves to rock outcrop. Now all that meets the eye are piles of smelly garbage that cause infestation of stray dogs, rodents, scavengers, snakes. Quite obviously, it remains deserted all week, except on Sundays where college yours are organized.

THE FUTURE: If we can’t achieve this goal, we’ll be looking at a future where this place will become a full-fledged dumping ground. With zero maintenance and unchecked pollution, there will be no sign of birds or human visitors whatsoever.

How it will be delivered


· We will file an RTI to get more detailed and internal information regarding the sanctuary. It will help us build a strong base for understanding the issue at hand.

· We will involve the stakeholders like people living in the vicinity, avid bird-lovers, visitors, and environmentalists, wildlife photographers to act as multipliers and spread the word.

Yerwada Village, Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Because nature is like art from God and I don't want it to be destroyed
  • We worden al genoeg vergiftigt,wij willen een schone aarde ,wil er nog een toekomst zijn voor mens en dier.


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