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To: To the DFO Mr A G Appu Rao,

Stop cutting two healthy trees, neem and teak in Akshaya Villa complex at Sigehalli, Whitefield

Dear Sir,

We request you to take back the order number 67/2012/13 dated Januray 30, 2013 for cutting the above mentioned trees. They are healthy and beautiful and they cause no nuisance to anyone.
As an expert in the areas of trees you will agree that a neem tree does only good to us and the environment and cause no harm.
Inside the villa complex it is a matter of managing traffic rather than clearing the road by cutting a tree.
As a responsible citizen I beg you for the above order to betaken back and do your own investigation.


Why is this important?

This is important keeping in view the depleting condition of environment, this is important because of a deserted legacy we are passing to our kids and this is defnitely important because all living things need friends like neem trees who provide us with only health benefits.


2017-09-28 01:59:57 +0530

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