To: Mayor

Stop Illegal truck parking by Mahindra's in Kandivali Lokhandwala Mumbai

Dear Mayor,
Please bring an end to all the illegel trucks that are parked all over Lokhandwala Township at Kandivali East., Mumbai. Due to this the footpaths are totally unusable. There have been reports of unlawful activities done by the drivers of these vehicles during the late hours. The heavy loads on these trucks are ruining the roads in our community which are probably not designed to handle such loads. Emboldened by these trucks being allowed free ride, contract buses also have joined them and we have steadily increasing number of them now being parked everywhere. It is so bad that there is hardly any spot left in our township where there are no buses or trucks being parked illegally.
Request you to kindly look into this matter at the earliest.

Why is this important?

This puts all the residents of Lokhandwala township at risk. Walking and driving on our roads has also become very risky.

Reasons for signing

  • Inconvenience to residents of the area.
  • becoz its illegal